Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sheep on Safari

I've always wanted to make a miniature quilt but have always been nervous about all those little pieces. Well, in an effort to add stress to the holidays I have ignored all else for the day and made a little miniature quilt. When I laid it out my first thought was "Wow, that's a LOT of orange for one quilt." It measures 14.5"x22". I've yet to quilt it but hopefully will do that tomorrow and not have this end up a UFO. I don't know what I'll do with it after that, since I'm not a real big orange person.

What do sheep do during the summer months when it gets too hot to wear their fleece? After they have been shorn, birthed their lambs for the spring and managed to escape the butcher's in time for Easter dinner. What's a ewe to do to relax and maybe even get over a little post-partum depression and recoup from the stress of introducing yet another mouth to feed into the fold?

Why they go on holiday of course! And where, you might ask, do ewes vacation? Well, they might visit Rome taking in the history among ancient streets, sampling the local vino and sending post cards to their loved ones at home. Or maybe they visit Florida and St Augustine and look for the fountain of youth Ponce De Leon missed. A ewe could make a fortune off her wool if she were to live forever in her prime!

These sheep, however, have gone on Safari! Over to Africa they traveled to visit the desert and see the local, leagendary wild life. Rhinos, antelope, lions and jaguars! Their favorite thing to do was frolic at the watering holes with the zebra. Such lovely zebra, such wonderful stripes! Such contrast against the painted orange sunsets!
These sheep made great friends and had a wonderful summer but looked forward to their return home to share their adventures, to sitting around in the fall in front of fires and enjoying life whilst knitting socks for their children. Being sheep on safari can be very tiring.


  1. I think "ewe" are very artistic! I love the color combination. Since my brothr-in-law raised sheep for many years, I can feel a special connection to your mini-quilt! I used to baby-sit the ewes and their offspring when their keepers went on vacation. Congrats on a great design!! Warmest wishes for a beautiful holiday, Lee

  2. I am not an orange person either but I love the friendship stars, and such. It is a really cute pattern, you did a great job. Sometimes we just need to do a little bit for ourselves. How are the shirts going? Do you still have the blue knit hat to do?