Sunday, December 14, 2008

Granny's quilt

I've been harping about needing to make a quilt top for my Granny for Christmas. Mom made one about 45" square to give to her and the plan for mine is to use it to back Mom's so we end up with a reversible quilt. The one I'm making is just 16 plain squares seperated by sashings. When Mom is done quilting it I am going to paint all Granny's grandkids' (and great-grandkids') handprints in the plain squares.

This should have been a simple project. In fact I even already had the sashing, cornerstone and border fabrics in my stash--I pulled them out of my Loving Shakespeare stash. My Granny's favorite color is red though she has spent the last 50 years catering to my Papa whose favorite color is blue, so everything she owns is blue. Very curious; she doesn't even wear red. My favorite color is also red and my dh's is blue (and hot pink), and so I made Granny's quilt red too. Maybe it's a little defiance on my part, shaking my fist at the future and hoping I never lose myself so much to please people. Either way, I love the fabrics! The border fabrics
is from the Tattoo Hearts by Alexander Henry (2004). Yummy!
Kinda funny, it looks a little like my tattoo!

Mom calls last night and said, I need that top, I need to quilt that quilt!

I got 3 of the rows pieced with rows of sashing between them and they weren't going together right. I was sure that I cut everything to the same measurements so for the last row I made sure to pin everything, but no luck. I looked at the finished piece and it was horrible! Points/corners off by a mile. SO I picked up my seam ripper and TOOK IT ALL APART. Dangit! What should have been a half hour job took more 2 and a half hours. I started working on it at 10:30pm (we did church last night then Walmart so got home at 10) and finished about 1:30, adding a break to nurse the baby but it's still another late night! I am still not totally happy with the points and corners. From the fabrics being ironed, cut, sewn, ironed, ripped, ironed, trimmed and sewn they were a little bit wonky but I didn't have any more fabric to cut new. It's not really bad but there is a nagging voice in my head that says after 12 years of quilting my piecing should be dang near perfect.

But this morning, here it is, finished! Ironed! Pictures taken! Folded neatly to give to Mom. Whew. One more down!

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  1. It looks beautiful! And I would be so so happy with it because it was made with love for me!! God Bless Marion