Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Artistic ADD

Artistic ADD, yeah that's what it is. That's my problem. I just can't help myself. No impulse control. Well, maybe a little impulse control.

I say "artistic" but it's probably more I'm just bored. I'm still sick so I don't have energy to do anything anyway, but I feel like I should. I mean things other than the laundry, dishes, bathrooms to clean, vacuuming, don't mention dusting.

I have 2 shirts to make for my Dad for Christmas. Hopefully I can get them cut out while Mom's here on Thursday. I've made clothing, but not enough to have any confidence in my abilities and since Mom is a master seamstress I shall await her help.

I finished Berverly's hat on Sunday. The picture looks distorted because I put my big old hand in it to try to get the cables to show up. I used a black eyelast yarn and just did straight knitting, no ribbings, until I ran out of the black yarn. Then I switched to a plain red acrylic and knit with cables. I used 4 double pointed needles and each needle had 24 stitches.

I knit 2, pearled 1, k6, p1, k4, p1, k6, p1, k2 across each needle. Every 6th row I cabled the middle 4 knit stitches. It looks SO cute on her, I shall have to get a picture soon.

When I finished it I began a blue hat to use up some blue fun fur. I'm knitting this on circular needles because the stitches kept slipping off my DPNs. I am doing k2, p2 ribbing on this then it will have a pearl stitch running diagonally up the hat in a spiral every 8 stitches. I don't know what I'm going to do with this when it's done. *shrugs* Maybe list it on my etsy or find someone to give it to.

I have a quilt for my Granny to put together. Hopefully today. It is just 16 muslin squares seperated by sashings. When it's done, quilted and washed I'll paint all her grandkids' hands on it.

I have 3 more quilted bags in my head. And yesterday I had this sudden notion that I NEED to make a bunch of variable or ohio star quilt blocks and set them into a quilt. I'm exercising impulse control on this one. Holding off as long as I can. Maybe until after Christmas. I am also having a rather agressive urge to cut the rest of my sad little stash into diamonds and make a scrappy Bethleham Star baby quilt. I have ALWAYS wanted to make this pattern and have been fighting off the urge for about 6 months now. Might have to give in. Then I'll have to find someone having a baby to give it to, LOL! This is a pic of a wallhanging I made my Aunt Traci for Christmas 2 years ago. I used 5" Christmas charms, but used all the "lights" wrong side up to make them lighter.

But alas, I am tired and puny and will have to just lay on the couch and watch Stealing Beauty.


  1. I saw your comment on The Black and White Quilt Challenge blog. If you would like to participate the rules are on the very first post on this blog. Just go into the November archives and find the post entitled "The Challenge". I will need you to e-mail me so that I can send out your invite if you would still like to participate after reading the rules. You can get in touch with me by going to the very top of the Black and White Blog RIGHT SIDE BAR and click on the link to my profile and click on e-mail . So check out the rules, we would love to have you join if you are still interested after checking them out. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Your quilting is awsome and I wish I had time or the will to learn another craft. But alas im tired, getting old, and still raising a 8 yr old (I'm almost 52) So I will stick to sewing, knitting,spinning, ect... for now and maybe when I have a few extra bucks I will be able to afford one of your beautiful bags or maybe some time we can set up a trade I hear you spin and I make spindles too!!! Let me know huggs and God Bless you Marion

  3. I love the Christmas quilt. I understand about starting new projects. I want to start another one so bad, but have all these customer orders to fill!
    Hmmm if only the day had more time, I also want to finish a book - got half way through yesterday though.

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