Thursday, January 29, 2009

QSTx4 and a House?

Today's block was, I think, for QSTs. I thought they were sewn together to make a square block so without looking at the calender I made mine that way. Later this afternoon Mom said she thought they were sewn together to form a straight line. I still haven't bothered to look, my block is done and a square suits my purposes better than a line anyway. And, "done is better than perfect" to quote the ever wise Debbie Y. I also squared up a little over half of yesterday's flying geese and cut out 4 batik circles for yoyos for a future bag (already in the works in my head.) Not a totally unproductive day!

This afternoon at 2 we had an appointment to go look at a house. We've talked about buying one off and on for a couple years but didn't think we had the credit or could afford to and we're happy with our apartment, so it never was a big deal. Last week a guy Tony works with now says to him that he bought a house and flipped it, and it just got put on the market. It's about a mile and a half closer to where Tony works (not a big deal, we're only 3). Tony looked at it when they got off work the other day, but wanted me to see it.

We thought maybe it's too small to buy, at 1144 sq feet but that is the size of our apartment and we are happy and have enough room here, so it's all good. And I LOVE it. It is so nice inside! Tim (the guy selling it) has redone EVERYTHING. Brand new, beautiful hardwood floors, all new carpet in the bedrooms, redone (expensive) garage floor, new cabinets and all new stainless appliances and new counter top in the kitchen. New showers, cabinets and looks like toilets in the bathrooms. It's 3 bedroom, 2 bath. Has a large kitchen, large laundry closet with water heater and still big enough to put washer/dryer, ironing board, shelves and maybe fabric stacking bins?? He's painted the walls a nice color that reminds me of ostrich, but is probably not anywhere near it, LOL! The baseboards are all new or newly painted and bright white.

The yard kinda sucks, being on a hill, but we live in East TN and all yards are on a hill. The major plus is that it's not on septic. Been there, done that. However, with a little landscaping the yard would be nice. Has a basketball hoop, which Tony likes and a huge (almost 1 car garage sized) shed/building in the backyard that has also been redone with siding to match the house. Workshop maybe? It's a half block from the fair grounds in town where our county fair is held every summer, so no worried about where to park! Also the same distance from the local pool, walking trail and park. It's in a quiet neighborhood that we can also walk in with a judge, a retired police officer and Christians as potential neighbors.

I am really praying because I really like this house! We're waiting to hear back from the mortgage company to see what we can get approved for. They are asking $124,900 but the realtor already said he could get us a better price (and negotiate to have railing's added to the front porch so kiddies won't fall off and down 3 feet to the yard.). I am trying not to get my hopes too high, we need our payments to stay about the same as we are paying for rent. But it would be so great to own a house! And even nicer that it is not a fixer upper!!

On a side note when I woke Tony to have him get ready to go this afternoon, I thought he was awake cause I was talking to him about different things when suddenly he laughed and said, "You know what's funny? You make all these plans way up high and then Veronica walks around with a fork." Mental head slap. I said, "TONY WAKE UP!"


  1. I'm glad you have something going on that stirs your spirit! Looking at houses is really fun, even if you aren't going to buy. It sounds lovely.

  2. Don't get too excited dear. When the right house for you comes along it will work. But really since you love this one so so much, I'm praying this is the right one. LOL God Bless you and your family.

  3. Paul and I are both praying for your house hunt. can't wait to see your green quilt finished. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. The funny thing is, Veronica DOES walk around with a fork if you let her. ROFLOL!

    We are praying about the house. God makes a way where there seems to be no way!