Saturday, January 17, 2009

Quiet but still out there

I have been quiet the last couple days, but not entirely unproductive. I did not get my block made yesterday. It was a rail fence. Today and tomorrow there is no block, but today I did design and make an appliqued quilt block. I just have to machine stitch around it, which will take some figuring out. Tomorrow I'm going to do the rail fence and start work on my 4 seasons monochromatic mini quilt. My camera batteries are dead tonight so I don't have any pics to show you. Will have to fix that tomorrow too.

We went to church tonight so tomorrow I can take it easy and work on some sewing with no problem, hopefully. I have a bad headache tonight--partly due to the muscles in my back all being knotted up and partly because my hubby played at Mom's today, burning everything he could think up in a metal barrel so he stinks of burnt. He's off to the shower while I make the very gormet meal of lunch meat and potato chip sandwiches, then we're going to veg and watch Step Brothers. See you tomorrow!


  1. Hubby says step brothers is funny! Let me know how you like it as I have not seen it. You have to go over to my blog and see what I found at goodwill today! Huggs Marion

  2. Too funny, we went to church tonight and then came home and had sandwiches and watched Heros- season 1 dvds. Dropped our daughter at a friends between leaving church and coming home though. I got nothing done today. Did sell two Tag a Longs though. Got some FQs with it on Ebay so you can make a bag for me too:-)