Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Bob Quilt

There was no block for the day, just a picture of a quilt of paper pieced tea cups. Each block the same, surrounded by sashings. Boring. I can't do it. I'm just not a tea cup type person. When I was a child I had a friend who loved tea parties. Her Mom used to let her have this fabulous, horrendous parties with china and scones and we were supposed to wear these huge awful dresses. Mom always made me go. Said it was good life experience. And because of said life experience I am currently experiencing latent trauma that won't allow me to make the tea cup quilt. Too bad.

So I finished the Bob quilt. Those of you who read the Janet Evanovich books about Stephanie Plum know what I mean. For those who don't, I'll explain. In the books Stephanie has this huge, stupid, furniture eating dog (it's supposed to be a golden retriever but is bigger) named Bob. She also has an orange and brown, 70s Partridge Family wreck of a bathroom. So when I laid out this orange, yellow and brown puppy quilt I was speechless. I called my Mom and said I made a horrid Bob quilt. She instantly knew what I meant. I've been working on it for a couple days but I finally got the chance tonight before Tony left for work to set the top together and add the final outter borders. I'll quilt it and it will be given to the lady I told you about who had the majorly preemie baby. Every baby should have a quilt. The quilt IS square, no matter how it looks!

I'm a little ashamed of myself. I have been doing better, much better, with my block a day than with reading my Bible every day. I don't know why that is always the first thing to go when I am stressed or when my time is being used in ways I don't intend it to be. When I spend time in the Word everyday I am less stressed, more patient and peaceful. I must make an effort to get some alone time with my Bible. I've talked about this before, and I did for about a week. Every day I managed about 20 minutes and it was great! Then Tony had 2 weeks ago and we ran everywhere and my good Bible habbits went out the window. I am not using him as an excuse, I have been a Christian for too many years now to "forget" so easily. I did manage to get about 4 minutes tonight and the scripture I ran across was perfect:

Seek the Lord and HIs strength; seek His face evermore!
Remember the marvelous works which He has done. Psalm 105:4-5a

Such a good scripture for me right now! We are only 3 days into Tony's new shift and already I am feeling like a single parent. I need a break so badly already. I am not resentful, I am so greatful that he still has a good job when so many don't. It just seems like though I am home all day, and up with the kids most of the day, I'm not getting much done. My time is basically spent trying to keep the kids quiet so he can sleep. I did manage to get the house cleaned up tonight too so at least it will look nice when he comes home from work tomorrow morning. I have the kids ready for bed but apparently neither are sleepy. Bedtime is late around here because for the whole of their lives Tony has gotten off at about 11 and doesn't want to get up super early. Hannah already fell asleep once but wakes every time I lay her down. Don't know what her deal is lately but I could just run away. LoL! So I am kind of having a hard time but I'm doing my best to put up a good front. I am venting here, I'm sorry, but I don't want to say these kinds of things to Tony because he is already feeling badly. He has been saying stuff like he's no use anymore except to go to work, how he's no help, etc. I knew this transition would be hard on him physically but he didn't think so, he figured he'd sleep a little bit when he got home and be good. I am trying to make things as easy for him as I can, and keep up the house the best I can so that he doesn't worry about stuff here on top of everything at work. If you get a minute, say a prayer for my hubby for strength and peace! I'm sure he can use it! : )

Tomorrow the block is the putrid tea cup block so I will come up with something else. I made another block last night that I can't share with you either, and might again tomorrow but I promise to come up with something you can see, LoL!


  1. I love seeing your quilt blocks each day! I've been quilting for a couple of years, but my squares are always a touch off. I'm working on a quilt right now and I'm taking extra care to do a better job. :)

  2. Huggs and prayers for you both comming your way! All I can say hon is get some kind of routinue going for you and the kids that works around his work. That will take time for the kids to adjust to but if it happens every day they will adjust. I know how hard it can be! Keep reading that bible even if you have to do it in the bathroom. LOL Your blocks are wonderful and being im 51 I have great memories of the 70's so Im in love with your quilt square for today!!! God Bless you and your family! Marion

  3. Hang in there Des, it will get better. It is a hard adjustment anytime schedules adjust. Remember you can do anything through Christ that gives you strength. I know when Paul worked nights I had to keep a gratitude journal just to be able to rise above it all and not feel so alone. It does work itself out. I will pray he returns to the other shift... Stay strong you are a great mom and wife.