Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dutchman's Puzzle

Today's block was actually the abhorrent tea cup. I spent the vast majority of my day trying to keep little ones quiet so Tony could sleep and didn't give sewing a thought until about 10:30. Mom and Dad came over tonight around 8 to hang out and watch Love Actually. I love that movie and it is really funny, but has some inappropriate stuff in it so they left the kids at home. They brought Betsy with them to run around and occupy Jeremiah.

Mom brought some wool to spin while we're "sitting" around (that is how we watch movies, always doing something) and when I suddenly remembered about my block for the day she said I was making her look bad. I told her she was spinning sock weight yarn and I'm making her look bad? LOL! I thumbed through a quilt magazine laying around, Quiltmaker's All Time Favorites, and picked a block at random. I settled on a Dutchman's Puzzle because all I needed was 2 7.5" squares and 8 4" squares. Easy, peasy. I went with the purple and batik theme again, though why I've settled on that I don't know. I love batiks but I'm not a big purple person. Again, the block IS SQUARE, I'm not sure what's up with the pic being wonky.

Jeremiah has been being such a good boy the last few days. Thankfully Tony can sleep though anything, so he doesn't have to be too quiet but he has been trying. Playing quietly with his sister. I got some knitting done today and a LOT of laundry washed and actually PUT UP, a rare accomplishment. We made a quick walmart run for diapers and then Tony and the kids had another nap while I finished a knitting project.

Today was much better for me, thanks to people like my friend Jenn who always has some kind of encouraging word or scripture, or simply an "I've been there, it gets better." Adjustment is always hard, especially when your routine of 3 years changes drastically but we are working on it! This weekend might be a toughy, Tony will be off and what sleeping pattern do we follow? LOL! We shall see! Hopefully he will get our bed frame done!! *Crossing fingers* I will try to get pics of it as it is so you all can see what he's come up with. It will be so great when it's finished, I can't believe what a good job he's done.

Well now my babies are fussing, Mom and Dad are still here and we're watching Talledega Nights now. Have a good night!!


  1. Good job, Desiree! I'm talking about coordination, though the block is good too. Scheduling can scramble the brain. Do you take a multi-vitamin? I'm thinking of taking one after reading about your goings-on! It made me tired!!

  2. That is how I watch movies too. I don't like my hands to be idle when I can enjoy a film or TV show and make something. I love the square.

  3. I think one thing you should remember is that your family is close. That is the biggest Blessing you can have with his schedule and having young kids etc. I would have loved to have had that support system. I love the block. I missed this post the other day somehow. Maybe too caught up in Mekenzei being sick. I hope things slow down soon so I can start actually making some blocks of my own instead of quilts for people. Though I do need the money so.. hard call. I am not a batik person but I really do like this. Very nice.