Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lovely Lola Block

My son is celebrating the season premier of Burn Notice by pretending he's a spy and "rewiring" an old cell phone to "remove the GPS so THEY don't know where [he] is." Can you tell we took advantage of USA's BN marathon today??

I would love to have pictures to show y'all. I have lots to show pics of today. Alas, my camera batteries which have been threatening to die for about a week finally gave out tonight. Still, I've been able to take and post at least one pic every day this week so I won't complain.

I finished my Sheep on Safari miniature quilt. I posted about it last month, but todayI finally got it quilted and bound!

I also made my block for the day which was called the "Lovely Lola Block". It's basically a 4 patch set in a square with corners. That's clear as mud, eh? Having just finished all the S.P. books by Janet Evanovich I wished it was the lovely LULA block, LoL! I think I might have to design a few quilt blocks and make myself a Bumbling Bounty Hunter quilt. Hmm..must think on that and keep you posted.

I've also made progress on my lucsious red knit shrug. I have almost a whole sleeve finished, needing just a few more rows. It took one skien of my yarn, which is great as I still have 5 more. But, was it one of the 68yd skiens or the 111yd skien? LOL! Should'a labeled the suckers so I could keep track.

Hopefully I'll get some batteries tomorrow!

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  1. Can't wait to see all the pictures!! And you surley are your Mothers Daughter!!! Huggs Marion