Sunday, January 25, 2009

I guess I got lucky as there's no block for today or tomorrow so I get to take it easy and/or make something up. I feel better today, not nauseous or feverish anymore but weak, weak. Strange feeling for me, I'm used to being able to get up and DO instead of lie here on the couch and whine about needing to do things, LoL! It's been a lazy, lay around the house day for all of us though, Tony and the kids still have on jammies and we all took a big nap together. He has to get ready for work in a little bit but right now we're all watching Rambo.

I did play with fabric for about 2 minutes before I had to lie back down. What I did was mess with things for my green mini swap quilt. A boat for the water and a sun. I LOVE the sun. It's from a GORGEOUS piece of handdyed I got at Gina's quilt shop yesterday. Mom took me grocery shopping while the guys were building a shed at her houseand the kids were watching TV. We of course had to take a little detour to the quilt store 'cause it's RIGHT UP THE STREET from Kroger. I may not have been able to stand there for very long, but I found the perfect sun fabric, LOL!

We left Tony's lil pick up at Mom's house because I didn't feel well enough to drive home last night (about 40miles) so tomorrow we'll have to make a quick trip up there and get it. I hope tomorrow, aside from cleaning my disgusting "How-Clean-Is-Your-House(BBC)" qualifying kitchen to be able to machine zigzag stitch down my umbrellas on my green quilt. We'll see. Tony says I should take it easy, and if the man is insisiting I lie on the couch and let the house go, I should listen! :-D


  1. I love the boat. I LOVE the sun. and I love you, even if your house is a mess.


  2. Just surfed by and I lke what yu are doing with the green, the tpsy one looked like a challenge.