Sunday, January 18, 2009

Quilting is a lot like Christianity

For the Lord opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.

Quilting is a lot like Christianity.
Okay, maybe that's a broad statement so please, let me explain.For example I am currently in a miniature quilt swap. This swap is also a challenge. The original challenge was to make a quilt representing your swap partner's favorite season. This year the host has raised the stakes: make a monochromatic quilt in your swap partner's color of choice, representing their favorite season. I got summer and green. Seems easy enough right? Nope, I am scared to death! I have been quilting for many years! I have helped teach quilting, participated in countless swaps and challenges but this one is way outside my comfort zone.

Today as I stand at my ironing board ironing little pieces, the first and easiest component of the larger image in my head I thought to myself, why did I take this on? The reason was simple, to learn and to grow in my craft. You never learn to do anything different or better if you never try something new and often times scary.

This train of thought led me to Christianity. Most times we are comfortable in our relationship with Christ, coasting through our lives and our Walk inside our comfort zone. When he Lord sends challenges our way, our first thought is nope, I'm not ready for that. We continue on our way missing out on an opportunity for growth because it's scary or makes us nervous. There's an old saying that the Will of God won't send you where the Will of God will not protect you. This is so true, even though from the middle of the situation it often looks like we're alone wih our troubles with no way out.

Imagine it like your child learning to walk. They stand holding onto the couch. They get a little more brave and begin to walk around, not letting go. Then you hold their hands and they walk around the room. Then finally you hold your hands out to them and make them take that first step on their own. It seems like there are a million miles between the couch they are holding onto and your outstretched hands but in reality it's only a couple baby steps. Once they are safely in your arms, it's not scary anymore.

It's the same way with the Lord, everything He asks us to do is a new beginning. A baby step.
It's the same with my quilting. Every once in a while I have to try something new. I have to take that first uncomfortable baby step. And the great thing is, if I mess up it's alright! It's not the end of the world, and I can try again! Puckers quilt out, slightly different sized blocks pin together. There is grace in the mistakes because I am willing to try something new.
And so it is with the Lord. His grace is sufficient for you, His mercy is new every day. That means EVERY day we get another chance to try again, to do better. We get grace and forgiveness for the mistakes we made yesterday if we ask.

In what way is the Lord asking you to grow this week? Is it to have faith to pay your tithe? Is it to be more patient with your kids? Is it to be understanding when your husband comes home from work and is grouchy? Or is it something bigger? Whatever it is, give it a try. Even if you mess it up, try again. His hands are inches away, waiting to catch you when you fall. And remember, in the overall scheme of things, the puckers quilt out.


  1. Such wise words from such a young lady! But all you say I know is true! God Bless you, your family and everyone! Thanks for reminding me to challenge myself. This was about the same sermon we got in church today!!! Huggs Marion