Friday, January 23, 2009

A block-y day

I made today's calender block green again, working toward the goal of a St Patrick's day quilt. Behold the simply titled "Mosiac Block." Mom bought me some more little cuts od green fabrics to ensure I have enough for the whole quilt. I think, since I'm doing 8" finished blocks, I'll need 20 of them. I think this is block 6.

We've spent the day at Mom's again. Tony decided to bring his pickup here and help Mom load it full of stuff to take to the dump. He then got another idea, took some more "junk" back to Home Depot and traded it in for lumber. He's been up since 7:30pm Saturday and is right now out in the yard biulding an 8ft x 8ft shed with my uncle. sigh. He is sooo gonna crash! We're camping out here tonight so he can pick things up again in the morning.

I made several quilt blocks today, but they're a secret. They're going to be for a secret pal package. I did take pics and have them to post sometime, months from now when my pal has recieved them.

I got a pic of my Sheep on Safari quilt, with it's purple and black pieced backing. And Mom helped me take a picture of the arm of my shrug! I love, love how it's turning out. I brought up another skien of red yarn incase I got inspired to knit on it some more. I also have a second slipper (the mate to the one I made the other day) in the works and with me, incase I get really inspired. However, I am tired and hurting all over and don't feel good and just want to veg. So I think I'm going to get out of the computer and sit here on the couch with Mom, sipping a mountain dew (by myself, Mom can get her own.) Have a good night everyone!


  1. Usually I'm not a green person, meaning I used to hate greens. But looking at your quilt blocks I love it!!! You do such an awsome job! and loving the shrug sleeve too!!! Great work!!! huggs and God Bless Marion

  2. Those are really pretty colors together. Can't wait to see your secret pal blocks too.