Monday, January 12, 2009

Nine Patch

Yesterday's actual block on the calender was a "snow ball" block with an ugly snowman in the middle--basically a square with the corners "rounded off" by a triangle in each one. It creates a kind of octagon shape. I modified it. I made the snowball the center of a star and appliqued something else. I can't show you though! In the N2Quilting elist I'm on we're about to start another round of secret pals, and I think the lady I might end up with might read this blog. And since I have a plan, I can't show you that block.

Today's block was a simple ol' nine-patch. I modified it too. I needed to make a couple 12.5" blocks for a healing quilt, and since a nine patch that size looks HUGE I added a border all around my nine patch with squares in the corners. Tony said it would make an ugly quilt, LOL! I told him it's a phenomenon lately with me and ugly-ish quilts (though they end up turning out fine). He said at least all the ones I make for us are pretty, haha! Then he said he was joking and it will look nice. All the blocks for the healing quilt are supposed to be light green, light blue and lavender. I went a little dark on the purple in the nine patch but I am so not a pastel person, I just can't help it!

We're still getting used to this 3rd shift thing. Eating and sleeping; it's what we do best. Hannah had a check up this morning, 9months. She weighs 19 1/2 pounds and is 29" long. Chubby little thing. She was in size 12 months at 6 months. Jeremiah did that and though he has stayed 90% on the growth chart he thinned out once he started walking, er, running. Hannah is already cruising around, walking holding on to everything. Everything goes in her mouth. She's a terror. She spent some time this evening beating on the fish tank and yelling at them. I think I might have to feed them and turn their light off early tonight, just to give them a break, LoL!

Des, signing off to go clean up the kitchen and make another quilt block! :-D


  1. I really like this block! I'm not a pastel person either. I like vivid, warm or earthy colors. I think pink is my most despised color. If I have to wear or use it, I try not to think about it too much. Ahh, the travails of mothers of little girls!! Have a great day, Desiree! Lee

  2. I too like this block and I love all colors. For a long time I was not fond of greens and oranges and now I love them. Go figure. I have not started my block as of yet, waiting to feel better as I have this nerve in my back that is going nutts and pain is my enemy right now. Huggs Marion

  3. I love the block. I think it is very nice the way you changed it.