Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sawtooth Star and a revision

Today's block is called Sawtooth Star, according to the calender anyway. I don't think it looks very toothy, but I don't make the rules. I used the orangy/pink batik for the background again. I figure there has to be at least 12 star block in the calender and if I make them all out of some kind of purple and this batik I can get a pretty cute quilt when I'm done. Plus, I don't have any other background fabric and I have 2 or 3 yds of the batik, LOL! This block is 12.5" square, like it should be!

I revised last night's block a little. I decided I wasn't happy with the weirdo size it was and I didn't want to have to cate to it later on (afterall, what makes it so special??). Mom suggested I put some wonky borders on it, and I did. I am much happier now that it is 12.5" like it should be.

Nothing else much happening today. We're watching The Polar Express. I fed my 3yr old chocolate chip pancakes with syrup on them for breakfast. He hasn't stopped moving. Upon request I need to channel my inner Miley and come up with a Hannah Montana-esque bag. Almost makes me a little sick to think the term "Rock star" in the same train of thought. A "Rock Star" is someone like... Steven Tyler, Keith Richards, Chad Kroger, Ozzy, Pink...not Hannah Montana. Bleh. LOL!! Thank God my children are too little for this craze but I am sure there will be others.


  1. Hah hah. I can't channel her either. She wanted a Hannah Montana Quilt, I chose Maypoles charm set by Moda instead. I can't really stand the show. I am ever so thankful that even though Mekenzei's friends both like her, that she does not. She in her own words said Mommy she just isn't a good role model. That was that.
    It is amazing how much the news influences her! Anyway if you need to just think of purples and pinks for the ones, and blues or horses for the other. That will work too! I like your quilting block, is this the same calendar your mom got? I noticed she is doing them too. :-)

  2. OK ok what things do I need to try this quilting thing as i really really want to attempt it. Huggs Marion