Thursday, January 15, 2009

Square in a Square and my day off

Today I took the day off. Relatively speaking anyways. When Tony got off work this morning at 6:30 instead of coming home, showering and going to bed he came home, showered and made breakfast! When the kids and I awoke we did to the WONDERFUL smells of biscuits, gravy in the cast iron skillet, bacon and sausage and eggs. How awesome is that? He stayed up until about 12:30 also, to spend some time (awake!) with us. I got out of making breakfast, I didn't make lunch either--Jeremiah and I ate a couple leftover biscuits with jelly on them, and I'm not making dinner. It's leftover or fend for yourself i.e. sandwich night. :-D Tony just woke up and said that was fine with him. I haven't had enough caffeine today to have any sort of culinary expertise. In answer to Lee's question yesterday, no I don't take a multi-vitamin. I should still be taking prenatal vitamins because I'm still breast feeding Hannah, but I forget...everyday. I do remember to take my calcium before I go to bed though!

Today's block seriously was a 3" (pieced, not finished in a quilt!) square in a square. Petite. Boring. I made mine bigger. It's an odd size, 6 3/4" square, but I'm planning on using it in one of my quilted bags so it won't matter at all. I will just add strips or squares to it until it's the size I need for the side of the bag. I took a 5" charm of a beautiful charcoal handdyed and 2 4" charms of a red on black batik that Sarah sent me. Slice the 4" squares diagonally down the middle and there you have all the coponents to the block. Mom, in rivalry for my making a block yesterday, said she one-upped me by making hers a normal size and with the square in the middle being a nine patch. :-p Whatever. LoL!

I also gave in to temptation and began work on my luscious red knitted shrug. I got 5 whole rows knit. And I'm good for right now. Tomorrow I will work on that a little more, and cook a little more. Today I am enjoying being lazy and lying about the house in my pajamas. Gotta be comfy to watch the NEW EPISODE of BONES AND CSI--where Grissom leaves! Can you tell I'm excited?? Can you tell I'm kinda bummed? I admit, I cried when Sarah left. I'm not even an emotional person but I was pregnant and that makes it okay, LOL!!!

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  1. I had a PJ day too, although mekenzei was still sick. You did better then me though in that you got some sewing done! The only time I got a break from her is when Paul came home and I made some frozen stuff for dinner. I finally got my shower in after everyone went to bed!