Friday, January 9, 2009

Blessings and ugly quilts, again

First the blessings, because one should always give thanks and praise when it is especially due!

My husband still has a job! They laid off (temporarily, they say, until the end of Feb) 108 people this afternoon at the plant where he works. They laid off everyone who's hire date was September 05 or later. Tony was hired full time in May of 05--which was as much of a blessing then right before the birth of our son as it is now! He got bumped, another slight pay cut, to 3rd shift so we will have to rearrange our schedules and finances accordingly but praise God he still has a full time job! They told him in Feb when everything pics up (the 3 major car co.s are still on holiday shutdown until then, so there's not much demand for parts) he should get his old job back as a dye-setter on second shift again. We are praying the Lord will favor him with that! All in all we are very thankful, relieved and jovial today even though the news is not good in it's own, it is SO much better than we expected!! Thank you for your prayers everyone, and thank you Lord!!

In other news, there is no block for today. Just a picture of an ugly snowman quilt. Tomorrow's block is the ugly snowman and Monday's is a simple 9 patch so I might improvise a little. Yesterday I began working on a baby quilt, so I'm substituting that for my block for today. It looked cute in my head, and the fabrics all were cute laid out together but now it is turning out pretty bad. Not at ALL what I had in mind. AND, I have run out of the orange handdyed but I think I can pick up another FQ of it at Gina's (local quilt shop) for about $2.50 so I'm not really worried about that. Doesn't do anything about the quilt being ugly though.

I was making this quilt for a lady my husband works with. She has wanted a baby for several years and finally got pregnant this past fall. Right before Christmas (I think Christmas eve, actually) she gave birth to a baby boy, at 25 weeks. He weighed only a pound. Tony heard from someone he works with a couple days ago that he is doing good and gaining weight, though he is still at UT Medical hospital. I wanted to make her a quilt, for her son to let her know we're thinking of her. I thought even if the baby does not end up making it, it might be a comfort to her. And if he does, it might still be. So I am sewing prayers into it.... only it is not turning out how I planned!

I might have to just scrap it and start over? I have another half yard, I think of the white with the paw prints but nothing much more to speak of of any of the other fabrics. Maybe I should get some more of the orange and just press on? Add the white as borders and do some creative stipple quilting and see how it looks all finished? I have seen lots of quilts look ugly until they are finished and the quilting and binding "fixes" things. Right now this quilt looks like the 70s gone BAD!


  1. Not ugly at all! I love it! scraps are the best.

  2. I don't think it looks bad. It may not look like traditional "baby", but it looks good. My eight year old liked it. All the love and prayers sewn in to it will be all the new mother will see anyway.

  3. You are doing a good job. Read your bible, pray a little, get destressed then start at it again- finishing what you started, not restarting. I think when you destress it will be much better to you. It is a wonderful gift- remember its purpose.
    Love Ya

  4. I like this quilt. It is so cute with the puppies running around all over it.Baby quilts don't all have to be pastel. I like bright ones!

  5. I do love it!!! Not ulgy! by the way can you or your mom help me Im making a quilt thanks to you both! LOL But need some pointers? Please and thank you! Marion