Monday, January 19, 2009

Bordered 4 patch

I finished piecing the sky for my green quilt. Think Rachel was right, I might need some beach towels. The quilt will take on a lot of personality with the quilting. I'm going to free-hand quilt it with waves in the water, clouds in the sky, detail in the umbrellas...maybe a sand castle or some star fishy shapes in the sand. Think I need to find a hurt your teeth yellow/green and applique a sunshine.

I really, really liked doing the foundation piecing! It was a lot of fun! I had to stop about every 3 strips and iron it flat so I made sure not to get puckers or bumps but other than that it was sooo easy. I had started to try to make a chinese coins pattern before, jew sewing strips together and after the 3rd or 4th strip I was bored and fed up with it. I think if I foundation pieced one I could finally do it! It's weird, 'cause it's not much different than just sewing strips together. I do love chinese coins and would love to make one someday in a lap or baby quilt size.

Today's block was a 4 patch with borders all around it. The picture showed the 4 squares in the center all being different colors, but other than that it's the same. I used green scraps from the Beachy quilt. I think I have enough green pieces to do several blocks this size, 8.5". I can throw them together when I'm done and have a "Nearly Irish" quilt--maybe in time for St Patrick's Day. I'm part Black Irish, so maybe this is a little shout out to my heritage.

Tony saw all the green scraps laying around from today's sky piecing and said, "Are these green fabrics for something specific? 'Cause you don't usually use green!" LOL! He noticed. *wink*

So...anyone else excited about the new Underworld movie? It's just me, isn't it. But then, I'm watching Monday night Raw (wrestling) for my hubby. He had to leave for work a few minutes ago and wanted to know what happens in the last match. I could tell him, some guy with no neck and big, oiled muscles in a spandex diaper will pile-drive another guy with no neck, oiled muscles and spandex leggings. Still, the muscles are nice...


  1. gotta love those spandex diapers though... ROFLOL

  2. Love the simple cool colours of the 4 patch block!

  3. your blocks are wonderful. OK the men are nice looking and all but imanage trying to give that guy a romantic rub down and I beleave they say if they are muscular like that (ok most of them do steroids but not all) they have a little tiny teeny weenie! LMAO

  4. Actually, I'm really only into very muscular arms. It freaks me out when guys have no necks and pecks bigger than my boobs and crinkly washboard abs. LOL! Big arms, a couple defined stomache muscles (maybe 4 instead of 6) and I'm good, hahaha! Your probably right about the steriods.