Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shakespeare in the Park

When I was about 15 I fell in love with a quilt pattern called "Shakespeare in the Park," which combines variable star within a star blocks with snail's trails blocks. I decided this would make a most beautiful "wedding quilt" for when I married and I began collecting fabrics for it. It is now my oldest UFO!

I have hand-selected all the fabrics for it, meaning I haven't left it up to fate and swaps. Typically I have bought fabric an FQ or 1/4yd cut at a time because though I want specific fabrics, I also want it scrappy. I'm using all shades of red for the darks and whites and creams for the lights. I've bought a bunch of "love" or heart fabrics but not specifically Valentine's ones. I even found a cream with wedding vows on it!!
When finished it will be an over sized queen, I think not quite king size. Our bed is king sized now but I don't want to have to mess with the pattern anymore, LoL! Most quilts like this don't have a final outer border and mine will, of 7". I've pieced squares for the 4 corners of the outter border combining the snail's trail and variable star patterns. I have all the snail's trails blocks done, finished last year and need to start on the star blocks.
Looking over my stash of fabrics though I might have to do some more shopping. :-) I want to start on the star blocks but will wait patiently until I do get some more fabrics, hopefully in a couple weeks. That way they mix in evenly with the older fabrics I've already used and it doesn't look unbalanced. Let everything be done with order, afterall! : )

It is my goal and hope to finish this quilt by October this year! October 2nd is my 5 year anniversary, and that gives me 9 months to complete it. Not quite a wedding quilt but an anniversary quilt is special too!
I thought maybe if I shared my plans and progress it would help inspire me to take action. I am feeling very inactive today. Do go to yahoo or google and do an image search for "Shakespeare in the Park quilts" and be inspired at others' quilts, this truly is a gorgeous pattern!! I think it was originally put together by Judy Martin and if you go here and scroll down you can see lots of people's quilts like this


  1. Ohhhh, you have lovely taste, Desiree!! Any woman would be in 7th heaven to have a quilt like that!! As a matter of fact, you can give me yours when it's done!! (wink) Good luck on it. I hope you enjoy every stitch of it!!

  2. Oh wow Des that is so pretty. I bet I can use this type of Pattern for our Anniversary quilt next year. Mine will have lots of those civil war repro fabrics I posted yesterday. I love yours, you make red very nice! It looked so complicated until you showed it up close, then I could see the actual breakdown. :-)
    I will keep you working on it! Great to encourage others, and boy do I understand the not getting things done bug.

  3. Wow you have a way with colors!!! Just love the design, this really really makes me want to try quilts! Huggs Marion