Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mysterious Star

There was no block today and I figured with the lack of block it might be time to add another star block to my purple and batik collection. I don't know the name of this star pattern. Mom hosted a quilt mystery a few years ago and this was the pattern she used. I made all my stars for that with "ugly" fabrics, and it's on my UFO list to finish up this year. I think with sashings I can get at least a full sized quilt out of my Mysterious Ugly Star blocks.

Anyhoo, I used the same pattern and made just one star for today. I really like how this came out. The light in the 4patches in the corners is a nice lavender/periwinkle handdyed--it's NOT blue no matter what your monitor tells you.
I also used today's no-block freeby to knit a slipper sock, though that really doesn't have anything to do with quilting or calenders. I'm going to try to cast on the mate for it tonight after the kids fall alseep.

I've decided to pick out the "sea" of my green mini and replace it with a cheerier, sunnier, more summery batik. Gosh, I do love batiks. I love the feel of them, the look of them, the way they handle. If I could afford to make sheets from them I would. If a person wouldn't get fabric fuzz stuck to their tongue, I'd argue that they're so luscious they are lickable.


  1. You can probably lick a batik, as long as you don't do it in the store.

    But you can't lick a beautiful roving, without going around for half an hour afterward saying, Blek.

  2. Oh dear. You and your Mom go around licking fabric??? I'd much prefer your cooking!! Heehee. Great quilt block! The colors are beautiful, and the lavender shows on my computer. Good job!! Hugs, Lee

  3. What a beautiful star block. Batiks are nice to work with for sure. Licking fabric? too much information... lol