Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No stress day

I did not do my block today. Today was a "No Stress!" day!
If something started to stress me out, I quit. I got up this morning and put up the Demon Sewing Machine. I didn't even try to fix the tension. It'll wait. I cleaned off my ironing board because I had it piled down to only having about 12 free inches of ironing space. I sorted the fabrics and put them up. Then I cleaned off my kitchen table, freeing it from fabrics, notions, pins, cutting mat and rulers.

I got out my paints and painted a little. Mom gave me a framed notecard for Christmas that says, "Life is far too important a thing every to talk seriously about--Oscar Wilde" in a dark green frame. She figured I could paint the frame since it was wooden. First I painted it white so I'd have a fairly blank canvas. Then while it dried I got an 8x10" canvas and painted it slightly pink and purple. Then I whimsically painted "Hannah" and the scripture we chose for her, which is Psalm 84:11 and says "For the Lord is a sun and a shield; The Lord will give grace and glory; No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly." We chose that scripture because "Hannah" means "Grace" and her second middle name is "Goode." It looked a little plain so I added some little purple flowers. I will matt it and frame it for the wall in her bedroom.

My hubby wasn't home when we woke up and when he got home about an hour later he brought me a dozen roses. He said it was because he had been a jerk last night, and I said I was too. He said he knows I am trying very hard to be patient with the kids and that I'm doing a good job, he is just stressed because of work and wanting to see about buying this house. I told him I know, which is why I've not been asking him for much help around the house and that if we don't end up being able to buy the house it's alright. We talked some more and decided not to stress over it at all. If we buy it, we buy it. If not, we're happy here and can try again in a couple years--hopefully we'll have some more $$ saved by then. We also found out that the house is about 30 feet smaller than our apartment. But it's probably just closet space because our apartment has a lot of closet space!

Tomorrow maybe I can sew some more. Quilting is usually so very relaxing for me, just not when the machine isn't working how I think it should! A very wise woman with 5 kids herself told me recently that the Lord promises us in the Bible not to put on us more than we can bear, and if we're stressing because of deadlines and things then it's something we've taken on and we need to drop it. There's no need to be a super hero, and it's not benefitial to us or our family if it stresses us to the point where we can't enjoy our day. So very true. I must remember to remember that!

Today was a great day! My kids got along, though first thing this morning Hannah decided to beat on her brother and has kept at it all day, LoL! Tony went to the PO this morning and my beautiful black merino wool I ordered had come! I got such a good deal, a pound for $20!! I can't WAIT to begin to spin it but am being patient with just one creative process today. : ) The seller even sent a little tiny bit of a blue, I think it is merino also. My sister Veronica is "collecting" little whisps of leftover roving and batts to card together eventually so she can learn to spin. It's addictive!

Oh and how much do you LOVE the hair on this kid??


  1. Apologies are great. Hope you enjoy the flowers. I got some Recesses Peanut Butter cups last week when mine felt he was being out of line- of course ours was just about the house being a wreck. LOL
    I will pray that things continue to strengthen for you guys, that you will have peace about the house and where you are to live, and that is job will be sandpaper that will smooth out rough edges that God wants to mold differently.
    I love all the pictures of the kids. Too cute! And wow do you have some quilts.
    I will pray for your sewing machine too. LOL.