Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Broken Dishes and Watermelons

My house was clean this morning and now it's not. Bah. I'm not too bothered though because my babies are happy, I got crafty things accomplished, there is a nice cool but not too cool breeze coming in my window and I have pans of bbq spareribs, brownies and leftover pizza sitting on my stove. What more could I ask for??
Today's block was a appliqued cat block, but it didn't actually give the pattern for the cat and since I didn't want to take the time to draw it I decided to do something else. :-p I made a "Broken Dishes" block, 6.5" square. It looks like a slightly unusual choice of fabrics to use together but I HAVE A PLAN. Trust me. :-D

Over the course of the day I spun a little more black yarn and skeined it. I didn't get as much on this skein as I was hoping (got 64yds), but it was getting heavy and this merino I'm spinning is so slick and so fine I was having a hard time working with it. I started to get more bumps and slubs and thicker and thinner than I had planned so I quit while I was ahead. I love it, I have more I can spin if I need to but it is so beautiful in person! Can't wait to put it around the collar of my shrug. Have to knit the shrug first though, LoL!

I also put the finishing touches (last seam) on a quilted bag made from pale batiks. Apparently not everyone likes the bright, hippy batiks? What??? LOL! I am NOT a pastel person but I kind of like this and it would make a wonderful Easter Basket! I got it listed in my shop tonight and I think I might make one like it in sock-knitting size sometime soon.

Because I am so headstrong and impatient I spun my entire "watermelon" batt. It is SO cute! I got 80 yards of yarn out of it, which is impressive because I think it was 2 oz? It is about half pink romney wool and half merino (black and green). I have it hanging up in the tub to dry, can't wait to stick this baby on the ball winder. I think I might list it for sale in my Mom's etsy (yarn) shop and if it doesn't sell by the time the listing expires I see a wonderful little knit bag with black plastic handles and pink satin lining!

Ooh, one more thing and one more picture. There is a lady who buys yarn from my Mom who is in Japan? I think, anyway, she spins her own yarn too and for some reason can't mail it from the APO as a business venture so she sent my Mom a BANANA BOX shoved full of wonderful handspun yarns for my Mom to sell in her shop, with all the proceeds to be donated to the youth center thing here in Knoxville that some of Mom's proceeds go to anyway. SUCH a generous thing to do! Mom should probably have some of them listed in the next couple days so if you're interested, go check out her My7Kids shop at etsy. Look at the two yarns I picked out, which I will have to give her the money for later. I LOVE them, I can't wait to think of something special to do with them--especially the black with the blue, gold and sparkles!


  1. The block is beautiful as usual! Have not seen anything you have done I don't like! The bag is fun, looks like it would be a nice knitting bag! The yarn is yummy, wow you are quick! Love Love Love it! God Bless Marion

  2. You know sometimes I wonder how you get so much done in a day! LOL, of course I am sure the feeling is mutual too. I am not a pastel person either but the bag is very Easter friendly. I bet it would be cute with some little girls Easter Dress- of course Mekenzei has never ever had an easter dress- but I know many that do. I bought some yarn from your mom. I cant wait until it gets here, although I need to combine it with some camo color green. I want to make something for Paul, he said Black, brown, camo
    What a pain. :-)

  3. I really like the block! Your color choices are great and I can't wait to see the blocks all put together.

  4. Great block!! I like it the way it is. I was never a cat person. LOL Have been waiting to hear how your bags are doing on consignment. I hope that's working out for you. It would be great pin money!
    I'm coming to raid your stove today. I haven't taken anything out for supper. Alan's working late, so your prepared food sounds like just the ticket!! Have a great day, Des!
    Warmest, Lee

  5. I really love the yarn!!!! If you want to sell it, I would be very wiling to buy it from you. Just let me know.