Thursday, February 26, 2009

Castles in Scotland

Today instead of doing one block I've done three. I decided I was tired of creating UFOs (unfinished objects) and I currently have about 5 WIPs (works in progress) going. Are ya down with the slang? You liked that didn't you? Anyway, I needed 3 more green blocks for that quilt so I decided to make them. While I was sewing block number one (Castles in Scotland) Jeremiah took all the rest of the blocks and laid them out on my design wall. This is how that went:

Jeremiah stands in Hannah's room, having just arranged 13 blocks on the design wall. I enter the room with another one.

Jeremiah: See my green quilt!
Me: I thought that was my quilt?
Jeremiah: No, see I made it? It's a square.
Me: Yes, it is a square--good job! Put some spaces between the squares though.

Jeremiah puts spaces between all the blocks and takes the one from me. He stands and looks at the wall like he has seen me done, and once he decides he puts the quilt block in a blank space.

Me: We need 2 more blocks.
Jeremiah: This is my quilt to cover me up on the couch.

We go into the living room, get on the computer and go to quilterscache where I look up 8.5" blocks. Jeremiah picks 2 then digs in my pile of green fabrics and pics fabrics for them. {Time lapse while I make dinner and then make the 2 blocks and we take them into the bedroom where he puts them in their places.}

Jeremiah: See the quilt I made! It's my first quilt!
Me: Are you sure this is yours? I thought it was mine. I was gonna sell it.
Jeremiah: Nope, it's mine. It's square. I want it tall.
Me: Do you want more borders?
Jeremiah: Yeah, triangles.

I show him a row of flying geese on another quilt

Me: You want me to make flying geese?
J: Yeah sure, just go ahead.
M: On the top and the bottom or just on the top?
J: Top and bottom, going left and right. (OF COURSE!)
M: You want strips of fabric between the blocks?
J: Yes and squares in the corners
M: Not just strips of fabric? Squares too?
J: Yes, go ahead. See my quilt I made? It's my first quilt!



  1. ROTFLMAO! Jeremiah is a talented kid doign all them blocks lol What a fun day! God Bless and huggs Marion

  2. OH my- too cute. She looks caught red handed.
    Funny Jakob told me- you have to much white in those friendship stars- I said how do you know the name of the block- I was reading your quilting book this morning at breakfast. He then said I want you to make Jakobs Ladders for me, cause it is named after me. Then when seeing tonights blocks he said. Mom didn't you hear me that is too much white you need some color in them. I said do you like the friendship blocks he said yeah they are cool but I want just plain color- I said what do you mean, he said you know plain color. I said oh no pattern on the block.He said yeah mom that is what plain color means last time I checked!
    Kids... got to love them. Funny cause Paul felt the same thing- too much white in the block. - he said donate them somewhere. :-(

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