Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bad Lula

This post is titled "Bad Lula" subtitled "OH MY GOD I AM SO STUPID."

Tonight is my 100th post! If I were a TV show I'd get a cake. Where the heck is the cake???
It seems only fitting that this post be about Lula. Okay, by now I'm sure you all know I love the Stephanie Plum books, so much so in fact that I have endeavored to imortalize the characters forever (barring decay and moths) in quilted form. I am so very behind on my Block-a-Days that when I saw today's block was very complex I thought, "Ah, penance! I will make FOUR of them out of my Lula fabrics and have my mini Lula (an oxymoron in itself) top complete!" I intended to make 4, 12" blocks for a 24" finished quilt.

I took one look at the block on the calender, a block based on a nine patch and thought "okay, I need 3.5" sections." Wrong. Duh. It gets worse. Some of the sections were actually 4 patches (3 HSTs and 1 plain square). So I thought, "For a 3.5" section I'll need 1.5" HSTs" and I cut out and made 72 1.5" HSTs. I did not square them all up, thank GOD because as I was squaring up just the 18 I needed for ONE block I realized that they would finish to 1", which would give me a much smaller block than I originally intended. Really? Duh!

So here it is, my Bad Lula block which is SIX and a HALF INCHES. No, it isn't square. I don't know what happened with that. The fabrics are great, just like I thought but no way am I making any more of these. All those remaining unsquared microscopic HSTs are going in the trash. Probably I will use this block, as planned and laid out like this for my mini-Lula quilt but with the correct measurements to ensure a 12.5" quilt block. What do I do with this one? Small borders and make it a horrible potholder?

In other news I finished the last bag today that I had the pieces made for. I got it done about 7 and thought that I just didn't want to have to dig through a bunch of little batik scraps to make another one tonight. So instead of made a million little HSTs. Sigh. Tomorrow I'll make another bag.

Today Tony and I finally finished the pedestal frame for our king size bed!! He sanded and I painted stain/sealant on it and we got it DONE! Finally! He made it in 2 sections, each twin size with 2 24" deep drawers in the side. We will lay the 2 pieces together in our room with a board across the top to support the mattress and box spring. Tony designed this and built it all by himself. I am so proud of him and I love it!

While we were pretending to be carpenters Jeremiah decided to try out his cousin Dana's bike! He did really well and was able to ride it! AND managed not to run into our car!


  1. I know why you messed that block up! Because it is TOO GREAT! God knew the world is not ready for FOUR blocks like that... so He rescued us once again.

    Love the name Bad Lula, and I love that it isn't even square. You are truly an artist.

    I'm not worthy... (salami, bolony... bowing)


  2. I agree the block is awsome! Where is the cake? LOL Wow Tony did a wonderful job on the pedestal bed! I want one! LOL As for Daniel at least he is running into parked cars and just rideing on bikes. He is a cutie and I would never get madd at him for running into my car! Huggs for Daniel!!! Marion

  3. Congrats on the bed. It looks like it will be just wonderful when you are able to set it up.
    Congrats on getting another bag done too. Wow you are just cooking along.

  4. the cake came to your house for your birthday. Sorry I was 6 days late. BUt it came as TWO cakes (one disguised as cupcakes) so that should make up for it.