Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

Well my birthday is almost over and it was great, and I made out like a bandit! I can't believe all the nice things I recieved from family and friends and I am so thankful!!

My family (minus Dad who was at work), aunt, uncle and little cousin and mother in law came over last night for an impromptu patry. We are some serious carnivors and went though about 5 pounds of steak which Tony, grill master extraordinaire cooked to orgasmic perfection and about 9 pounds of spare ribs which my Mom cooked just as well. Since we thought maybe meat and cake didn't exactly mak a balanced meal we had scallopped potatoes and cole slaw. Yum, yum, yum.
My hubby had the windows tinted on my car!!! Something we've been wanting to do since before we actually got this one. He also got me a swift and 2 yards of fabric. Jeremiah gave me too pretty beaded bracelets. My Mom and Dad gave me a ball winder! My MIL bought me a gorgeous red leather purse!! There's kind of a joke behind this: she got one for Christmas and as soon as she opened it I said, "Oh you opened the wrong gift, that one was mine." Since then everytime I've seen her I've said, "Hey there's Cheryl, with my red purse!"

My friend Jenn sent me a wonderful squishy in the mail with a bunch of beautiful CW repro FQs, 2 red and white fabrics and some green FQs! I can't believe she did this! Thank you! I will use this green FQs quickly in my St Patty's quilt.

I also recieved another squishy today from my secret pal Diana with 3 pretty FQs, Fudge Cupcake Murders by JoAnn Fluke, some monogrammed "D" notecards--which I needed! and some wonderful, delicious, yummy truffles! Oh, and 2 mounds bars! Buahaha, all mine...yumm.

I have had a migraine for 4 days now and it was so bad today I was dizzy, thinking I might pass out everytime I stood up and walked around. I sat around this afternoon before church with a bag of frozen corn on my head, which Hannah thought was really interesting.

We took some of my handbags to The Artisan Studio here in Clinton and the woman was thrilled with them! She has such a cute little shop with lots of neat and different handmade things. A LOT of handmade jewerly, which is where the two beaded bracelets Jeremiah got me came from. I will definitely have to look over them more closely the next time I visit! She thinks my bags will do very well there and I am praying they will. We are fine financially with Tony's job being our sole income but I love making a little money on the side. It makes me feel like I help or contribute and it came in really handy at Christmas, LOL!

Despite the headache of apocolyptic proportions I have managed to get some sewing done so far this weekend. I finished my green mini yesterday morning (binding and label), and today I finally finished the puppy baby quilt! Oh, and I made a block for today too even though there wasn't one. Tomorrow I'm hoping to put together the other three Lula blocks I cut out but we shall see!
Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!


  1. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! sounds like a fun time for all!!! Yummy! You did score for your birthday wow! Love the little quilt and the sweet child holding it up!!! What a doll baby! Hope that migrane lets up soon! I know how it feels so I really really feel for you. Huggs and God Bless Marion

  2. Wow what a great blessed birthday. Very neat!
    I think that quilt turned out really good. That border really did wonders! I bet you are much happier with it now. No pic of the mini green one huh?
    Congrats on the bags being at the shop I will pray Gods Will Be Done with them and that you sell them all!
    Love Ya

  3. I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday, despite your headache. It sounds like you got the BEST gift ..... the love of many! BTW, that red purse is mine, I tell you, MINE! I love red!

    Your quilt pics are beautiful, as always. I get confused about which project is which, so I just admire them and don't try to keep track. It makes me put bags of corn on my head. If I must keep track, I'll have to order one of your batik bags to put the corn in! Oh dear.

    Get better soon. Migraines and kidney stones are better left outdoors.