Monday, February 9, 2009

Randomly speaking

I've made the block on the calender for today twice in the last month and I'm bored with it. You can see it on Mom's blog at some point tonight. Instead I made 1 of 4 blocks I designed for my Reformed Lula quilt. I made sure my measurements were correct tonight and my block came out to the 12.5" square it was supposed to! I have the pieces cut out for the other 3 blocks but my machine is misbehaving again so they will have to wait until tomorrow, maybe. Hannah loved today's block. She kept going over to it and patting it and laughing, though of course when I snapped the pic she snatched it off the wall. I don't know why she always seems to be half naked when I take pictures of her.
When the four of these blocks are set together they will form a big pinwheel in the center and a diamond shape around it. I think it will be very visually interesting and I think I might need to use a bright, hurt your teeth lime for the binding.

I love Maybelline cosmetics, always have. I am a big fan of their regular pink bottle mascara in Blackest Black but about a month ago I needed a new one and thought I'd give their new Colossal mascara a try. It comes in a huge fat yellow and purple tube and costs between $2 and $3 more than the other one. And it stinks. Literally, and kind of a mix between sour beer and urine. It smells so badly I only used it when absolutely necessary (LOL!) and it gave me a headache every time. And after only a month it turned to a weird globby gel so I am giving Colossal two thumbs down!

I have a moment of shame for today. After skipping breakfast and running errands for an hour I was starving and (with another hour of errands in front of me) I ate a Frito I found on the seat of my car. It's okay 'cause I dropped it there on Friday.

Today our weather was WEIRD, having had snow last week it was in the 70's today!! Jeremiah and Hannah and I took a walk this evening, and I am SO FRIGGING OUT OF SHAPE. My legs hurt. My back hurts. Sigh. I lost over 20lbs since last June but haven't exercised. Need to start walking again. Must. Walk. Badly!

I love a Christian band from Australia called the Newsboys. In fact at one time (about 6 years ago) I owned every album they'd made, including a couple little known albums from back in Australia. I have a CD of theirs called Adoration and if you like praise and worship music at all, please go buy this CD! I think it came out in 2002. I was listening to it while driving today and I am so blessed everytime I listen to it, with every song. It's just beautiful! Probably it can be found on or for only a few dollars since it's not new, but it is SO worth it.

I got a wonderful squishy in the mail today from a kind lady named Sarah Nolt from Sarah's Quilts N Crafts on Etsy. She purchased a bag from me the other day and sent ME a thank you! Imagine that! The dark brown is a FQ, the gold is about 2/3rds of an FQ and the gold coins fabric is about 6"x22". Thank you, thank you! How pleasing and unexpected!
Well I think that is all the randomness I have in me for tonight. My babies are asleep, YAY! I need to go try to fool with my machine and get it to work, or I could actually go to bed early for once! Nah....


  1. I am crying and laughing about your moment of shame today. Where is my mom-bag to put on my head? ROFLOL!!

    Glad I have never had anything that nasty in my mouth (says the woman who can do the corn-dog trick that makes men want to faint)


  2. Well, that settles it. You and your Mom both take the cake! Hahahaha! I would love it if you were my neighbors. It must be in my genes. My Mom was from Hancock County, TN. Blessings to you both. You could've shared that Frito, you know. "People are starving in China!" (You don't know how many times I heard that growing up!! Hugs, Lee

  3. Oh, BTW ....... I LOVE that 12.5" square!! Hannah has good taste!!

  4. Well wow did I need a laugh to start my day and you gave me one for sure. My kids are famous for that kind of thing-I can say I have never done that. It is too funny though. Love your new block and congrats on the fabrics- very neat to get something unexpected. If you look at photos of my kids when they were little they were usually just in diapers- they just preferred life that way, Still do and they are nearly teenagers! Loved your post today, I am still giggling thinking about it!

  5. Hannah is a doll baby! Half dressed or not! She has wonderful taste and Loves her mommy dearly I can tell! Love the quilt block too! And your fabrics!!! You and your mom are helping me alot right now thank you so so much!!! Huggs and God Bless Marion