Tuesday, February 17, 2009

With Fear and Trembling

I didn't make yesterday's block yesterday because honestly, it scared me. I love HSTs because I know THE TRICK. Yesterday's block was this pinwheel thing that looked like HSTs, and is in fact HSTs but THE TRICK doesn't work. I would have to cut out the squares, cut them into triangles and then sew them together. Scary. My friend Jenn has inspired me to have a "Tackle it Tuesday", taking one insurmountable obstacle in your house/life/sewing room/etc and tackling it.

Today I tackled (my hubby, hehe) laundry, vacuuming, squaring up star blocks and yes, the terrifying pinwheel block. The contrast isn't as good as I would have hoped, should have picked a lighter light but I like it. It goes in my green quilt. And look, my points are perfecy! What was I afraid of, LoL!! While I was at it, I made a block for today too! It's a Not-Really-a-Bento-Box.

I made progress of the hat I'm knitting too, though not as much as I would have liked. I stayed up an hour past the kids last night just knitting and this morning Hannah got ahold of it (in the minute I was out of the room!!) and dropped stitches everywhere down to where I was when she fell asleep last night. Sigh. I don't own a crochet hook either. I had to pick it out down to the first little yellow stripe I put in it (about 3 rows past the ribbing) and redo it. I made a lot of progress since then though and hope to get it to where I can begin to decrease the crown tonight, if not finish it. We'll see!

Thouht I'd share Jeremiah's favorite song and dance at the moment. The kid really can do the Time Warp!

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  1. Glad I can be inspiring. I wish I had tackled something in the house- but sometimes quilting does come first. LOL
    I love the green bento box thing- looks like something I might be able to make. I love the scrappiness of it though!!!
    Congrats on getting wash done- that was on my list last week- so far I have kept it up- will see how long that lasts though. hee hee