Thursday, February 26, 2009


I am featured today on the Feature Cafe blog!
Go see me talk about myself, LOL!

Also, I snagged another treasury on etsy this afternoon--it pays to have a Mom who can figure out the time it opens. Cheating? Nah! I did eyeballs, LOL! Eventually I'm planning on doing one featuring items from my blog followers who are also etsians, so if you have a shop leave me a comment and let me know! Jenn, Lee, Marion and Mom I know about you already, LOL!

And here's a little treat. My Mom got Tony a shirt last night. Yes, Trohpy Husband he is--in need of a haircut!


  1. Yes, he is! Pretty good when even your parents think so!


  2. Ha ha, My husband would never wear that!
    He wont even wear one of those dad things!
    Now it can say anything texas on it.
    Cool on the treasury thing. I have enjoyed looking at them
    COngrats on your Etsy site being featured that is neat!

  3. Very cool Des, I enjoyed reading it.