Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Finally some sewing!

It's amazing what you can get done with a sewing machine out of commission! Jenn posted some before and after pics of her housecleaning today and inspired me to do the same. I had already straighened up around my living room/dining room area and vacuumed by the time I took pics, but my table (ie Sewing Table) and ironing board were piled sky high. In fact, I was too embarrassed to take a Before pic and took a Halfway through pic and an after. It was so nice to get everything organized and cleaned down to a bare surface. I also was able to cut out quilty things while waiting on Mom to get here with a loaner machine. The pic of my kitchen table is my sewing area, where I create all my lovely quilts, LOL! YES my pin cusion IS a doughnut. I love dougnuts. Yes, it even has "sprinkles". No, you can't have it.

Mom and Dad came over and brought all the kids (except my 20yr old brother Allen who makes my blood pressure go up, LOL!) and we made a huge mess of burittos for dinner, along with brownies later.

Diantha brought her little midget sewing machine for me to borrow and it's working WONDERFULLY! It is so cute and small though, even compaired to my machine which isn't really all that big. I just had to take a pic to share. I managed to get my block made for today and also for tomorrow (cause I cut it out while waiting) and I finished the bag I was unable to finish last night. Then I started another bag, all in purples except each side has one little "because I felt like it" red strip in it somewhere. I got the lining and button tab made and one side quilted before I sat down to type this while nursing Hannah. She's asleep right now so I'm going to try to finish it tonight! Then I won't be so far behind on the bag making! : )

And so I leave you with pics. Bear in mind I have gray scaled the blocks because they are for a something special and the person who might get them might read my blog. Have a good night everyone!


  1. Wow you did a great job. Looking at your cute apartment, I'm thinking my house is way too cluttered. LOL Beautiful job on the blocks. I am on block 6 of my blocks still hand sewing lol Marion

  2. Ah now I can see a little bit into where you live, how fun. So are we on for Tackle Tuesdays then. It helped me to decide to tackle something that is for sure. Congrats on being able to borrow a machine. Always helpful to have a spare.

  3. Des, thanks for letting us visit your home, even if you are stingy with your donut with sprinkles. LOL At least it's not a Frito! It would be nice to sit with you and your family and watch you piece your blocks. I take my coffee, black, thank you! Have a wonderful day, my friend! Lee