Monday, February 23, 2009

Back to the grind

Or at least our old routine!
I now have 2 theories of life. One is that vacuuming is the key to world peace. The other is that ketchup is a circle of life. I'll get to that one in a minute, the vacuuming theorem will have to wait for another post.

I fooled around the house doing lots of things and nothing. I spun some more black merino wool into yarn this morning which gave me a half full spindle so I'm halfway to being able to skein it and starting on an alien batt! Woo hoo! I made the front and back of another bag that was supposed to be sock-knitting size but came out regular size. Huh.
I loaded, unloaded and ran my dishwasher twice.
I made a delicious and nutritious dinner. Well, okay, the rice was a sodium-laden box of long grain and wild rice that was indeed too salty for my taste, next time we go with the low-sodium box, LoL! (Boil my own? What is this, 1958??) To go with my not-so-healthy rice I made seasoned boneless pork chops cooked in just a smidgen of olive oil, fresh broccoli and apple slices with low-fat caramel dip. What did my precious baby boy do? He asked for KETCHUP for his juicy and succulent pork chop. In fact, he said, "Can I have some ketchup, please, sir?" Very Oliver Twist.

This brings me to my ketchup theory: When you are a child, you want it on everything. When you are grown you sweat and slave to create interesting, healthy and delicious meals for your family and get mad when they put ketchup on it.

The quilt we're working on on my block a day calender is a tea time quilt with appliqued tea cups, flowers, teapot, etc. There aren't a lot of instructions to go with this so I drew my own little wonky tulips and flowers. I didn't get the machine appliqe done but they are stuck down thanks to the miracle of Wonder Under! (LOVE this stuff!) I am using some of the incredible civil war repro FQs Jenn sent me (block background) and I think when I'm done with this it will be "Ellen Plum" for my Bumbling Bounty Hunter's mini quilt challenge.

There is this thing on Etsy called a "Treasury", basically etsians get to pick a small collection of things they like to put together. The front page of etsy changes rapidy and is made up of such treasuries so if you get an item in one, maybe there is a slight chance you'll be on the front page! However, I've only managed to make 2 treasuries so far and I've only been in one (that I know of) that wasn't my Mom's, LOL! Some of this happened today! I made a treasury and also found myself in 2: and
Pretty exciting to me! (I don't have a lot going on!)

I'm going to scoot off of here for the night so it doesn't look as if I've spent the whole day in the comp when my dh gets home, LOL!!

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  1. oh your mom just mentioned the ketchup thing too, a week or so ago. How funny, My kids and hubby are the same way. Esp if I make a really nice roast in the crock pot all day! Oh makes me mad.
    However the boys have gotten where they like A-1 with their pork chops. Not as cheap. LOL
    but hey better in my opinion then ketchup.
    Love your new block! so creative!!!