Thursday, February 12, 2009

10 New Bags

Okay, I'm still new at Flickr so hopefully I have figured out this slide show thing and it will show up! If not, all my new bags can be seen in a folder in my flickr account.

I needed about 8 bags to take to this lady for her to sell in her store, and ended up with 10 so 2 bags--the all pink and the regular sized all aqua found their way to my etsy store earlier! I have made 5 regular sized bags to take to her and 3 sock-knitting sized, with a small pocket on the back.

Now that I have these out of way I am off to do other quilty things like my block for the day, my Lula top and the binding on my green mini. Probably I won't do all of that tonight, but definitely sometime this weekend.
Enjoy the show!


  1. Oh Des, you did such a great job. I am partial to CW fabrics- but you know that. I am so glad I will never show Mekenzei the one with the lizard/gecko! She would just have to have it! COngrats on getting so much done.

  2. I am way too impressed with the slide show. And your new avatar is pure elegance. You are so beautiful. ~~sigh~~


  3. Kudo's, Des!! Absolutely beautiful bags!! You are so gifted. It runs in the family. I bumble about and you ladies line 'em up and knock 'em out. Good for you!!

  4. Beautiful job!!! You do wonderful work!!! God Bless Marion