Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stitching away

I have been stitching and stitching away working on some bags to sell in a local store. I am almost half way done with the bags I need to make. Pretty good progress considering we were gone most of the day today, away from my sewing machine. I did take my knitting and work on the hat for a guy Tony works with. I got it almost halfway done. See a pattern emerging here?

When Diantha was here the other day she helped me seperate my batik scraps into like colors. For want of something to put them in I grabbed up a couple Kroger bags and sorted the fabrics into them. I've found that bags I make in semi-solid colorways sell a little quicker than my really scrappy bags. While I was stitching last night on a regular sized aqua/greeny/blue bag, Hannah was being such a good helper by dumping out several of the bags and chewing on the bits. I took the pic and then, have no fear, I took the plastic bag away from her. And scooped up the scraps altogether. Scrappy bags here we come! So much for organization!

And now tonight, though as I write this it's already tomorrow (which has always confused me, even as a child when Mom would say it) I have 3 finished bags to show off. 2 regular size, one pink and one aqua and a small knitting bag in the same aqua colors. I really love the vintage buttons on the aqua bags, they are from my great-grandmother's button box that I inheiritted for Christmas. I put the pics of the front and back of the knitting bag in the same picture.

I have the front and back of an orange bag pieced, which hopefully I can finish tomorrow. Tony has to work 4 hours over tomorrow night and in the morning we have a couple errands to run. Eventually I have to try to vacuum my living room too. : ) I am so very behind on my block a days, I made a couple blocks last night to try to catch up which left me 2 days behind but then I didn't do today's block either. Maybe when I get these few handbags done I can spend one day making different blocks. I'd like to get that little green quilt finished soon.

We had so much fun at the pottery place yesterday! Jeremiah painted a little racecar figure and I painted a 4" square tile I can use as a spoon rest for now. When we get a house, whenever that may be (but probably not in the near future) I want to tile a backsplash behind the stove and set my tile in it. Since my kitchen is done in cherries I of course painted cherries with a checkerboard border.
I can't wait to see Jeremiah's race car once it's fired and glazed. His room is unofficially done in racecars and Cars (disney). We did his room in the disney cars colors with posters on the wall that can be changed out when he outgrows it. We figure he probably won't outgrow the red, blue and green colors though. I wish I had remembered my camera so I could get a better pic of Jeremiah, but here is the one my brother Artemas took. Basically you can see his fluffy curly hair and race car in progress.


  1. Hannah is a cutie and you're starting her off right, playing with FABRIC!!!

  2. Love your new bags. You have accomplished a lot. I love the idea of the tiles. We are going to do that when we redo our kitchen. Of course they will all be texas us themed I think. LOL If hubby has anything to do with it.