Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Whew, I'm good now. Glad I got that off my chest. I am so tired and today has been very, very long BUT I did get some quilting done!! This morning I packed the kids in the car and ran some errands enroute to Mom's house to borrow her very old White (singer style) sewing machine. It weighs 3 tons but it is wonderful to stipple quilt on. I am not the world's best stipple/free motion quilter but I love to do it. It's very relaxing and fun to me to be able to wiggle the quilt around under the presser foot with no particular pattern.

I quilted the Bob quilt entirely, now I just need to add binding and a label and Tony can visit the lady he works for and give it to her. They are still in the hospital, though I haven't heard any more on the little boy. Mom said she had a brown fabric that would work well for the binding but did I remember to get it? No. Sigh. Oh well, I can scrounge and find something or else I can get it from Mom when I give Diantha back (yes I borrowed her again.)

I got my green quilt for the 4 Seasons Quilt Swap Monochromatic Challenge (WOW what a mouthful) all quilted too, except some outline quilting around the appliqued shapes. Now it's just awaiting binding and a hanging sleeve. I have the material for the binding. : )

I took the 2 sides of the batik bag I had been working on when my machine decided to misbehave so I stipple quilted them as well while I was there. When I got home, I took the bobbin casing out of my machine and dusted all around it. I found a thread stuck in the mechanism and I think that might have been my major problem. The tension is still a little off on the bottom, making a loose stitch (not really a loop) about every 6 stitches. Kinda weird but not too bad that I couldn't finish the bag and put binding on a little mini table topper I'd been working on! I was able to list both in my etsy shop tonight.
Now the really cool news: I was contacted earlier by a woman who runs a salon/boutique here in downtown Clinton where I live about selling some of my bags in her store! It would be SO cool to have my bags in an actual shop. Downtown Clinton, little nothing of a whole street and a half that it is, is for some reason unknown to me very historic. We have an antiques festival twice a year and other things like that. The main street downtown is a big tourist draw, with little specialty shops and antique shops. Totally different customer traffic than I get on etsy. There is of course a commission for the merchant, but not outrageous. I e-mailed the lady back saying I was interested and asking some questions. Hopefully I will hear from her again! This just means I need to get on the ball and make a few more bags to give to her, so I don't have to deactivate any of my listings. I was wanting to do that anyway, but I have some knitting to take care of first! LOL!


  1. Whoa! You lifted my spirits this morning!! What a wonderful turn around from our blue little girl. It pays to "keep on truckin'." I'm so happy for all your good news. Praise God! When pricing for consignment, remember to figure in for sales tax, and no shipping. I don't know if you have to report tax, or she does, but I know it has to be reported somewhere.
    If your fabrics aren't certified fire-retardant, I'd say you probably have to add "not for children," or some disclaimer on your label. Laws are getting tighter. I'm not sure what would be required. Do your research ahead of time!
    Your work looks beautiful this morning, Des! I hope you have a loop-free day!!

  2. is there a little screw on your bobbin casing?
    Not the bobbin itself but what it sits in? If so you might need to adjust it. that is what I did to mine when the embroidery unit got a piece of thread caught just like you said- So just a thought. Congrats on so much accomplishment.
    Its nice to have a Sunshine day huh?