Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another Jeremiah quilt

Today I got the iron in labels I ordered from Jennifersjewels on etsy. I LOVE them! I will have to order more because after ironing them into all my bags and purses I already have made up I only have 5 labels left. The great thing is I can also stitch them into the linings on future bags! I am so happy with them, even though this is a crappy little picture (my camera wouldn't cooperate) you can see the totally cute little cherries and the "Hamncheezr". The second line is my etsy address.

Anyhoo, while I was ironing them into purses Jeremiah was starting to get into things and I remembered that I had come across a baggie full of 5" 30s repros charms the other day. I handed him the bag and told him to go to town. Some of you may remember his rearranging a green quilt I was working on in this post and his ending up with the quilt in this post. He likes to play with quilty things.

I told him to try not to put 2 of the same fabrics together and he went to town. Even ran and got his stool for washing his hands from the bathroom so he could reach! Too cute! When he was all done I helped him rearrange about 3 squares, that's it! He did all the rest and he says he's happy with his layout and I can start sewing them together now. LoL!

I am working on sewing together some 3" squares from some lovely moda fall flannel fabrics. Jenn sent me a bunch she wasn't going to do anything with a while back and I dug them out this evening and cut ONE 3" square from each of them. Is that creativity or insanity? Not sure yet what it will be. Maybe a little quilt, maybe a messenger style purse? We shall see. I really enjoy working on "no-planning" projects. Probably why I do so many scrap quilts. Is it because I'm ADD or because I can't afford to go buy yardages of coordinating fabrics at one time? Or is it because I'm artistic and I just want to CREATE when the mood hits me and usually the mood is scrappy? I don't know. Whatever it is, I sure do have fun.

Please say a prayer for my hubby Tony and his Mom Cheryl. Cheryl's Mom Juanita (Tony's Nana) was hospitalized a week ago when her Dr suddenly found she had ovarian cancer. She had surgery today to remove it and it took them about 5-6 hours to remove 7-8 POUNDS of tumours, her spleen and part of her colon. Her Drs are concerned because she also has a massive amount of blood clots. They found holes in her lungs where the clots had pushed through. They are also worried because without all the pressure of the tumours on her intestines they think they might disintegrate. Juanita is a spunky 75 years old and is mother to 4 children, grandmother to 7 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.


  1. You and all have my prayers. Take care of you.

  2. Great job, Jeremiah!
    ~Nana pats Jeremiah on the head~

    Prayers for Juanita, of course!

    We'll say it was Creativity. Yeah, that's it.

  3. Jeremiah's Great, and so is he's quilt.
    sorry about what's going on with Juanita, I'll be Praying for her, and the Family.


  4. Will pray for Juanita. Your son has a sweet heart to design this for his Nana. I'm sure your labor of love will bless her.

  5. How precious! Kids never sieze to amaze! I'm sending some coffee your way this morning!