Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Log Cabins, Handspuns and Fabrics Oh My!

Finally I have my camera back from my MIL's house where I left it on Sunday and can share pics of what I've been up to!!
First I have actually managed to make 10 whole log cabin blocks over the last 3 days. Not a large feat by far, but it is progress nonetheless! I think I shall need at least 12 blocks. I had 16 in mind originally but now I am wondering if 12 would be better and some kind of interesting borders? This is not necessarily the layout I will go with, just slapping them up on the design wall as I finish them.
Saturday and Sunday I spun 184 yards of merino wool into thick and thin, totally fun yarn. When I bought this 4oz batt it was pure white and I used koolaid to dye it these fun, candylicious colors. Not sure what I will use this bulky weight yarn for but I'm sure I can think of something.

Monday and Tuesday I spun another 4oz batt, this time of corriedale wool which is a little scratchy for my sensitive skin so I will ply it with some merino. I bought the batt evenly divided into 3 pieces and dyed red, black and white. It spun up really fun, striping a little here and there with 2 or all three colors. I think it'll look great once plied! I tried to spin this a little thinner than the merino and thought I had succeeded but for some reason only got 176 yards from this batt. Hmm.....

This morning I began spinning the merino yarn to ply with it. I am spinning solid black merino into a slightly-thicker than sock weight (but not by much!!) fairly even yarn. The spindle it's shown on is 2" across the whorl, which I painted to look like a bloodshot eyeball. Bringing some punk to spindling!!

And last but not least while my dear mother in law was in South Carolina all last week visiting with her mother (the Nana Juanita Jeremiah made a quilt for!) she bought me some fabrics! She said she just loved these bright colors and couldn't resit. There are 4 1/2yd cuts of the semi-solid prints and the others are all 2 yard cuts. I can't wait to think of some way to use these! Maybe for my mini quilt swap quilt???


  1. The yarn (all of it) is beautiful. You do wonderful work!!! and the quilt you are making is devine. Love the colors of the fabric!!! (log cabin I like that) Huggs Marion


    Purty fabrics, too