Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My brother is 21?

You know your parents are a little off the beaten path when your Mom will drive to the liquor store to sit with your kids in the car so you can go in and get your brother a birthday present. How cute are these air plane sized bottles??

My day was totally shot after blogging this morning. It stormed and so was good napping weather for the kids and I. When we woke, we got ready to head to Mom's for my brother Allen's birthday. He wanted ribs for dinner. He turned 21. Suddenly I feel old. It doesn't help that 3 days ago I had to dye my hair, yet again, because my baby son commented on those wonderful silver hairs I had about every other hair. The good news is my hair is naturally bottle-black and so it's no hassle to just dye it back bottle black. And the other good news is I am still young enough to pull off wearing bottle-black hair without it making me look like a washed out old lady. The bad news is my "gray" isn't gray at all, but streak of lightning, glorious silver as Jeremiah pointed out and will only accept interferance from haircolor for about 3 days.

Between blogging earlier and leaving I managed to spin enough of that black merino that I thought I could probably skein it and begin to ply it. I skeined it and had spun only 100 yards. Meaning I am 76 yards short! CRAP! So oh well, I will spin some more and attach it to what I have and tomorrow hopefully I can ply the 2 yarns together. None of this will be happening tonight. My migraine is back.

When we arrived at Mom's house since the birthday boy was asleep, the first order of birthday biz was to feed Betsy (2) and Hannah (1) each a piece of jelly toast. And yes, Betsy's naked... again.


  1. Jelly faces, I so remember them... I think we are having a nap day here to, no sun, either.

  2. I adore them Jelly faces, Just too to cute! And those big big beautiful blue eyes. Some day they will learn to flap them eyelashes and get what they want. LOL

  3. Beverly looks disturbed that you wanted to take her picture. Or maybe that you told the world she was naked.

    I think that B can already do the bat-the-eyelashes thing...


  4. Very, very cute kids. And remarkably clean after the jelly sandwich.
    I remember how traumatic it was for me when I realized that people born the same year my sister was were old enough to drive.

  5. they look SOOO much alike