Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Blocks

Dottie, our realtor called at 10:30 am and said she was faxing our offer over and wanted to make sure she had the correct, legal spelling on our first names. Guess "Tony and Des" just won't cut it on a deed, LoL! It's now 7:34pm and we haven't heard back from her because she promised to call as soon as she heard something and I'm guessing she hasn't heard anything. I hate waiting. I hate waiting! I am not a let's diliberate and think things over for a couple days before we make a decision. I am too balls-to-the-wall. It took me 2 months of dating Tony to decide that even though he really is the ...whatever... that I originally thought he was, I kinda loved him anyway and sure I'd marry him. So, I think if someone got an offer at 10:30am that by 7:30 they should have at least decided yes or no. Like I said, I hate waiting.

In order to try to keep myself occupied I have sewn today. Sure I could have cleaned, but cleaning slightly resembles packing and the thought of packing brought on waves of hysteria. So instead I decided to sew. I had to cut 100 5" batik charms for a swap I'm gonna be in and since I was messing with batiks I was reminded that I needed only 35 more "Happy Blocks" for my scrappy batik quilt that I think is gonna be king sized. I say think because my notes on this quilt simply say "Need 35 more blocks." I was in a block swap last year and made a bunch of them and this will round them out!

These are the easiest quilt blocks you'll ever make. Take a 4" square and 2 strips that are 8"x2.5" and 2 strips that are 4"x2.5" and sew the strips around the 4" square like borders. Tada! You cannot screw it up. You can even increase the size of the strips and center square (to oh say, 4.5" and 3") and have a bigger block! These are 8", which means 7.5" finished, which means for a king sized quilt I need about 71,463 blocks. :-D However many I need, apparently I have them all now so that's something accomplished at least.

I could put them all up on my design wall and begin to play with the block arrangement but I still haven't sewn together the churn dash/friendship star blocks from the last time I did that. I arranged them, I labeled the rows, I took them down in rows. Now I can sew them together exactly as they were on the wall. I just haven't. Why haven't I? Well because I need white thread and since the only white thread I have is a giant cone which won't fit on my machine, I would need to wind 10 bobbins. And I haven't felt like winding bobbins. However in the piecing of the "Happy Blocks" I used up little misc thread bits on 4 bobbins so I guess now I could wind some...


  1. thanks for the easy directions... I'm going to start on doing this and see where it goes!

  2. Love the blocks. Praying for you on the house

  3. I am a good packer. I might even bring beer (and spend the night so I don't have to drive home)