Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not MY Quilt

I thought I'd share a quilt today that is mine in the fact that it lives at my house; but not mine in the fact that I didn't make it. Most people probably don't have to clarify that but since I don't own a handful of quilts I haven't made, I thought I would. LoL!!!

Whilst I was pregnant with Jeremiah I felt like I went into labor several times the last couple weeks before he was born. One of the times my Mom, who loves me just that much, decided when would really help me would be to go walk around all the antique stores in downtown Clinton (where I live). There's only about 20 of them. : ) It was only July. I was only a wildebeast. Or at the very least, a walrus.

Anyway, the trip paid off because we found this wonderful, beautiful, soft, old baby quilt. I am no quilt historian so if anyone knows better, please correct me! I believe the fabrics to be from the mid-late 50's. They look like fabrics my great grandmother had in her stash for making jammies for her first round of grandkids thereabouts.
It was such a find, I think Mom paid $25 for it. It was/is in really good condition! No holes, rips, popped seams. It is backed with a solid yellow loudness and hand quilted outlining the strips of fabrics. My children LOVE this quilt! It is so soft and very lightweight but still warm. I can lay it over them and they will actually leave it on...for a while. Horrid cover-kicker-offers, both of them.

I have been up to sewing things but of a baggy nature instead of a quilty nature. When I get batting this weekend, though, look out!

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