Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Handy Green Purse

Today I am worn out. I am sitting in the recliner with bleary eyes, knitting a little on my sock. I am halfway done with the heel, meaning I am about 33% done with this pair LoL!

We attended church this morning and then drove around and around peaking at houses. We've been going around looking at houses we've found online and scoping them out, before calling our realtor to actually show us one. To date we hadn't come across any we actually wanted to see the inside of. The first house we visited today was a million miles out in the country. We got no cell phone reception (meaning we'd have to pay for a landline). The driveway was a hazard, you had to pull forward past it and then back in, around a hairpin curve. The house was dark brown wood everywhere and had little bity outbuildings littered throughout the grounds and a dilapidated barn. When you walked closer to the house it smelled like mold. When you looked in windows you could see mold on walls, floors, ceilings... so. Bad house. We drove away, quickly.

The second house was not so bad. It too had a barn. It wasn't as far out in the country. We got cell phone reception. It had a nice property though it needed a bushhog taken to it. The house nees a little work from what we can see but nothing totally major. It is a possibility, especially since the price is nice!

The third house is gorgeous. I love it. Tony loves it. Jeremiah loves it! It is the biggest house we've looked at by 200sq ft; and though it is at the top of our price range it needs the least done to it. We could move in as it is. It is beautiful! We called our realtor and she called the listing agent...and didn't hear back from her. Sigh. She (our realtor) said she'd keep on her and call us as soon as she is able to talk to a human and perhaps we can go see it tomorrow when Tony gets done with physical therapy. I am praying already. If this is the house for us, I pray things will progress quickly and smoothly. If this is NOT the house for us I pray things won't progress at all and we will know quickly, so as not to spend time on this to be disappointed later.

On to the handy purse... Tony has been having to have physical therapy for his hand. He crushed/smacked it against a dye at work some months back and it caused a lot of scar tissue between his knuckles making his hand hurt him badly all the time and also have almost no mobility. The woman who does his physical therapy has been being very helpful and nice, even to Jeremiah who had to go with him last week while I had a Drs appointment. Her favorite color is green. Tony asked if I could make her a "little" green purse with a hand on it, because she's into hands (since that's kind of her trade.) I thought I had til Wednesday but nope, his appointment is in the morning so this afternoon I "threw" together this bag. It measures 9"x9.5". Jeremiah and Hannah's handprints are on one side, mine on the other with antique button fingernails. Pretty cute I think! I hope she likes it!


  1. Diantha loves that bag. I love that bag.

    I love that last house. If the Lord wants you to have it, He will make you wait on Him to see if you are really gonna trust Him until the last minute. LoL

  2. I love it. It is wonderful. I hope you get The house.

  3. Cute bag and good luck on house hunting..