Monday, June 1, 2009

Take a deep breath

First let us talk about quilty things, because we haven't done that in a few days. Back in January I was making my block a day calender blocks out of various purple fabrics set in a pinkish orange batik fabric. Yesterday afer church we went to Mom's and I used her machine to stipple quilt it and a healing quilt I've been working on. I took my fall quilt from the disappearing nine patch blocks to quilt too but by the time I got the first two done I had run out of steam and just didn't feel like it. I chose a random meandering stipple and I am really pleased with the way both quilts turned out.

Purple is not my favorite color (though I do like it and look good in it hehe) and orange is even farther down the list but this quilt is just striking, I think. I love that I threw just a a little bit of green in there. Totally unplanned, I just felt like it one day. This quilt will shortly make its happy way into my etsy shop. I backed it with a super cute and comfy polka dot on light orange flannel.

I can only show you a little bit of this one since it is a healing quilt and you never know who follows you in cyber space. It took me all day to get the binding done on these. I made both bindings and did the healing quilt with no problem. Then I sewed it around the batik quilt and then sewed it down, and realized I'd messed up in sewing it down so I had to pick it out and sew it down again. What a pain. At least now it is done and done right!

I also called a realtor today. We made an attempt to see what we needed to do to buy a house, or see about buying a house, a few months ago but got such a runaround with a mortgage company we gave up, discouraged. We've been looking at some more online this week and actually drove and looked into the windows of one we'd found-- it was a mobile but from what we saw online and what we saw at the house we thought it had been fixed to a permanent foundation and sort of flipped making it a "real" house. Talked to the realtor about it, she called me back and said no, it is still considered a mobile so a loan would be really hard to get and instead of the low insterest it would be high, etc... kind of disappointing in one little way but not really. We want a house as an investment, not an enormous depreciating hassle. Have to fill out some paperwork and fax it back tomorrow but the ball is rolling! Scary business, but exciting too!


  1. Oh Des that Batik quilt is wonderful! Great job. I love it!!!
    We will pray on the house thing. Always a big step but a wonderful one.

  2. I love, love, love your purple quilt....
    Everything about it is beautiful.
    The backing is perfect for it.
    Well done!

  3. First off, congrats on the ball going forward on your family's Home Hunt! Will keep our fingers crossed and the prayers coming that you'll find the perfect place. (Not too far from your Mom, lol)

    Next up, What a great, great quilt!!! You know I'm a bit fan of Batiks, so no surprise that I'm green with envy over this work of art, lol. Your Momma dun taught ya well!! :-)