Thursday, June 11, 2009

What to do?

I finally finished the yarn I'd been working on. It was the red, black and white corriedale wool that I spun and today plied with solid black black merino. Watching the two yarns twist together was amazing, the merino is so silky and sleek; it looked like wrapping a hair beast (the corrie) with a black velvet ribbon. Beautiful. I somehow (??) ended up with 154yds of this worsted-to-bulky weight 2ply. What, oh what am I going to do with it? It's too cool to knit something to felt. I should knit something for myself since it is my signature colors. I already have a shrug, a hat, scarf, mittens...hmm....

I finished the last 2 log cabin blocks I need for my friend's wedding quilt. For some reason they were an odd size, 11.5" unfinished. I had a major glitch and squared the first one to 11" unfinished which means the outter round of "logs" on each block is thinner than the other logs. And then to add more insult to quilting injury I sewed the top together, cut my strips for the first inner border and I'll be darned if the quilt wasn't a 1/2" longer than the strips were long!! I stewed about this all day and came up with duh, take all the row-seams in 1/8th". Tada!! No. Still too short. So I did what anyone else would do and added a piece to the borders. Then sewed the borders on to the quilt which layed perfectly flat and now it waves. Sigh.

Then I made Diantha cut 600,000 (actually it was only 32) 5" charms from the fabrics I used for the lag cabin blocks to make HSTs from. There will be the red border, the HST border and then possibly another thin solid border. I didn't square up the HSTs, instead I went to walmart.

Why you ask? Because I needed a turkey baster or squirty bottle. Why, you inquire further? Because Diantha was due for her very last olive-oil lice treatment from the pandemic that they've had goin' on. I was assured nothing live was on her head before i agreed to let her spend the night and then I told her not to sit or lay on m y bed or I would kill her. Anyway I covered her in olive oil, knotted her hair up and secured it with a totally sexy walmart bag so she can sleep tonight. I just had to get a pic! She tried to turn away to hide that she had just crammed a whole double stuffed oreo-wanna be in her mouth. Wonder where she gets that??


  1. Can you see the "mistakes" on your quilt top from the back of a running camel? No, then they aren't there... Waves will quilt out more than likely.. I love the colours and so will they...