Monday, June 22, 2009

A Little Quilty Somethin'

Had to run over to loan office today to prove we had all the downpayment $$ in our account and to give her check stubs, etc. All set now! Need to call about insurance in the morning and waiting to hear back about the actual closing date. It's tentatively set for the 22nd of July which is just ironic because we gave notice on our appartment this morning and have to be out on the 22nd! Our land lord is coming to "survey condition and/or damages" in the next 5 days and I suddenly feel as if I'm about to fail a test.

This afternoon while the kiddies napped I put off packing, even thought I got a ton of adorable little boxes for books and things at walmart last night. Smile at the night crew guys and they fall all over themselves trying to hand you boxes. LoL!! Sure I have to be out of my appartment in a month but you know what else is in a month? The mini quilt swap deadline! And sure maybe a little quilt isn't as monumental as moving but... I can shove random crap in a box at the last minute to move. I cannot shove random fabric in a box at the last minute to mail! PRIORITIES people!!

I got the background done. I can show you because I am secret and the lady getting this doesn't know who I am or what I'm up to, buahaha!

Saturday while cleaning out my stash closet I came across some leftover scrappy nine patch and 6 patch bits from my scrappy squares queen sized quilt. I sewed them together and this afternoon added 2 sets of borders making this adorable little top! I'm going to quilt it and list it as a wallhanging in my etsy shop sometime this week. The center has 120 2" squares!

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  1. Well, I love both of the quilts and the very best of luck with the closing and moving and such.