Monday, June 29, 2009

Excuse me while I have a nervous breakdown

Dante says the 6th circle of hell is ice. The 5th must be packing.

Tony was off Fri, Sat and Sun this past weekend so Fri and Satruday we spent all day at my parents house cleaning off their back porch (which is roughly 20'x12'?) which was packed to the cieling except for one almost "walkway" with stuff my Dad just had to bring with them when they moved. :-D We seperated out a HUGE dump pile and a HUGE yardsale pile, complete with a stove and refrigerator. Then Tony finished all but about 6 boards of the wood floor they are doing so he's going over after work today to finish that.

While he started on the porch I used Mom's old sewing machine to stipple quilt 3 quilts. My Smoky Mountain Honeymoon which is a wedding gift, a little scrappy squares wallhanging for my etsy shop and the fall leaves quilt I made from disappearing nine patch blocks. Yesterday I managed to get binding made and put on the Honeymoon and little scrappy quilts and get them washed. However I did not manage to get good pics of them, except this one of the scrappy quilt that Hannah--complete with Larry Boy outfit--had to get into. Will post picks of the Honeymoon log cabin later on.

Whenever my kids have outgrown anything I've washed it and boxed it up. For the yard sale we're gonna have with Mom I decided that probably we didn't need all of them anymore and to go through and keep one big box of Jeremiah's outgrown clothes, all sizes and one of Hannah's. I had saved all of them just in case we ever decide to have another baby but I am tired of them and if we ever decide to have another baby we'll just get more. Someone else could use them now and they are nice clothes, mostly name brands like Carters, Children's Place, Adidas...someone else can enjoy them for next to nothing and I can buy drywall with the proceeds LoL!!

Tony got the boxes out of the storage closet yesterday and I spent ALL day opening and sorting them. I probably have $2k worth of kids clothes to put in this yard sale. We did keep one box that's all Jeremiah t-shirts with things on the front to make a t-shirt quilt for him, or for his future kid? This quilt is not getting made any time soon.

Now that I have a bunch more smaller boxes today's agenda is to finish packing up china and clean out bathroom cabinets. Maybe I will get the binding put on my fall leaves quilt. Maybe I will NOT have a nervous breakdown about the fact that we have 3 weeks exactly to be all packed up and my son wants to have a birthday party in exactly 2 weeks! He wanted a Spiderman theme. I told him I could get Dinosaur stuff at the dollar tree. 2 hours later he came up to me and said, "Mama...I can have Dinosaurs if you really want me to." Broke my heart. Now I gotta go to the party store and stock up on Spiderman crap. Wonder if I should make the cake look like a giant web?

Must caffeinate...

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  1. Lol!! WOW you need mom's and mine help Tomorrow maybe?? :D Plus it's a BIG job!! Hannah's Cute, and Jeremiah's a little boy. ~sigh~