Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hannah's bathing suit

I have no quilty pics to share today, they must remain secret for a little while longer.

However, I figured I'd share this pic I snapped of Hannah. Due to some almost-14 month old quirk, she LOVES her bathing suit and loves to just wander around in it. I bought it last week and we've yet to visit the pool, however she has been wearing it every day. This morning I dressed her in a cute little sundress that was hot pink with huge white and orange flowers. Underneath it she wanted to wear to bathing suit bottoms. Whatever, it's cute. LOL!


  1. Oh! too Cute! Hannah is Great.


  2. Hannah is following in the footsteps of all other children who fixate on a particular outfit. At least it's seasonally appropriate and not her holiest pair of pjs, eh, Mum? Too cute.

  3. Geesh, what a CUTE baby!~Lucia