Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Non Quilty Day

I didn't quilt, but I did sew.

First we got a call from Dottie--more on that in a min. Then a trip to walmart, back home to pack Tony off to work and back out the door. The kids and I went to JoAnn's for batting, plaid fabric and velcro. Then on to Home Depot for some paint sample cards and a 28 oz Eastwing, blue handled, waffle headed framing hammer. A hammer to me, is a hammer. I have been perfectly happy for 5 years with the $2 hammer I got us a Big Lots. A couple weeks ago Tony informed me that is not a "real" hammer and went on to describe the eastwing. Sure. It's $34 too! OMG! I put off buying rotary cutter blades cause they are $8.

From Home Depot to Kroger to wander around without a list, spend $50 and hope to God I ended up with enough food for my family for the week. Back home all the way thru Knoxville in Fri rushhour traffic. Yay. The groceries are still on the kitchen floor.

When we got home I took out my plaid fabric and set to work. Gotta love it, the only aparrell weight plaid fabric they had was a remnant that I liked and I got 33" which did this whole skirt for $2.35! Why do I need a little plaid skirt? I'll not go into detail. Tony requested a while back that I acquire one and Father's Day's as good as any. I cut 2 14" pieces and joined them to ake one looooooonnnnnggggg piece which I hemmed down one long side. Then i pinned 200 pleats along the top, sewed it, added a little no-show waist band. Tried it on, wrapped around me waist and put pins where it needed velcro. Tada! I had to pin it to get it to stay on my dress dummy 'cause she's a lot skinnier than I am. I am really super thrilled I made this, without a pattern, and it turned out so good! If only it was long enough to wear around people. LOL!

A N Y W A Y... This morning at 10 Dottie called and said they accepted ouroffer, with the difference that we pay the closing costs--which apparently wecan get added on to the loan so we don't have to go out of pocket right nowsince our pocket's ain't that deep. (Course that means paying intrest over thenext 30 years on teh closing costs. Sigh.) We are meeting tomorrow with both Dottie our realtor (to sign contracts) andwith Terri, the head lady of the lender we're working with (to sign all those loan paperworks). I am not even going in to the fiasco and extra trip to walmart to get the printer to print my '07 and '08 returns, one of which I had to pay for.

I am officially freaking out now. Packing! Giving notice at our appartment! Itlooks as if we're going to have to move from here about 2 weeks before we will close on the house so Tony and his Mom have already worked out that she willjust go stay with her SO and we can take over her 1 bedroom apt. til we close.

But then WHAT IF the deal falls thru and we are homeless??? Excited, but freaking out...


  1. Eveeting gonna be ah'right, in Christ.

    [Nottin' to Dread, by Christafari]


  2. You will be fine, God provides...

  3. Congrads, all will be well. Think good and it will be good.

  4. the skirt turned out Great!