Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tackling or Trudging?

Today was Tuesday, which meant try to tackle something. I am wondering if I actually succeeded in tackling anything or if I've just moved at my normal, erratic pace?

I finished the applique on my mini quilt and cut the backing so it's already for quilting. With Jeremiah's help we picked out some DVDs to sustain us for the coming weeks and began to box all the rest of them up. Whereupon I promptly ran out of packing tape. So with my packing handicapped I decided to tackle laundry and normal house work.

I took an embarrasing "Before" picture of my bedroom from the end of our bed toward our closets. Since we're expecting a visit from the landlord I'll need everything clean so may as well start in our room. Got the floor cleaned, vacuumed and my dresser clesned off. Still have Tony's dresser top to clean. I folded 5 loads of laundry, washed one and cleaned out my dresser. Then made dinner, sewed something secret for about 2 hours, ran the dishwasher and vacuumed Jeremiah's room. The living room is a mess of boxes awaiting tape but the house is getting more clean starting at the back and working forward, LOL!


  1. You are so good. If there is a hard-working Mommy award - you deserve it.

  2. looks like you cleaned to me, oh Pretty mini.


  3. such a pretty mini quilt. Congrats on the cleaning. I know it seems never ending!