Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nana Juanita's Quilt

I am getting sick, again. I had gotten over my flu from a couple weeks ago and was fine until yesterday when my husband, who still had a sore throat, decided he felt romantic. Nothing like sharing germs. Luckily I have a Drs appointment tomorrow so if I'm really dying like I feel like, I'm sure she'll tell me.

I stayed up until 1:30 last night, and got the top pieced for Jeremiah's quilt. I should mention that at 11pm he was still rearranging squares. He decided after his Daddy got home that there were still a couple squares he wasn't happy with. : ) I labeled the rows and sewed it together exactly as he had it.

This morning I ironed it and found backing. I found 2 pieces of fabric in my stash that were big enough, he chose the one he wanted. It just happens to be the same fabric I used for binding on his baby quilt! Then we made a quick run out to drive past a house that is for sale. A guy Tony works with said it's in his neighborhood and that it's a really nice neighborhood, good price on the house, etc. The house was cute, nice yard but I looked it up online when we got home and it is listed for $30,000 more than the guy said! Whoa. So that is probably out.

Anyway, pinned the quilt, took a nap with the kids (accidentally), got up quilted it, let Jeremiah dig in my stash for something for binding. He chose something really cute, the same backing I used for my "Delilah" quilt. Doesn't match the Juanita quilt backing but it looks good from the front and he likes it so that is all that matters. Washed the quilt while I fed the kids dinner and ran the dishwasher. Once it came out of the washer I got the label put on. Whew! Got it all done!
Don't know if we're going to go to South Carolina this weekend but if we do end up going it's ready to take. I even let Jeremiah write the label! He did such a good job, I told him which letters to write next and he wrote them all with me only having to show him how to write 2 of them. Underneath his "To Nana Love Jeremiah" I wrote,

"Made for Nana Juanita June 2009
Quilt top laid out and arranged by Jeremiah W Bowman age 3.5
Sewn together by Desiree Ross Bowman
both of Clinton TN"

I washed it in the hypo-allergenic dye/frangrance free baby detergent I have to use on Jeremiah's, just so there's no smells or anything in it to maybe bother her if it gets delivered to her in the hospital.

While that was all in the works I sewed together the squares I cut yesterday in to 4patches. What, oh what, will they become? I am not really sure but I am playing. : )


  1. You both did a great job!...the perfect gift!

  2. that is a wonderful quilt! I need more inspiration for mine. Only have two blocks done

  3. What a sweet gift! Jeremiah did a wonderful job arranging the blocks. It's beautiful! She'll LOVE it!

  4. I am awarding your blog with a blogging award...hmmm, I'm sure there's a better way to put that...

    Anyway, check out my blog to get your button and see the rules :)