Friday, June 12, 2009

Smoky Mountain Honeymoon

This quilt has not been a test of my skill, but of my endurance! I kept thinking "guerrilla warfare"! Everything about this quilt went together "wrong" but it is beautiful now, and lays flat, and is lovely and I love it. I think it is just perfect for my friend for whom it is intended!

I had to take in the center of it to fit the red borders on, then made the HST borders and had to trim the red borders so the HSTs would fit! Then I decided on a very thin (1" finished) green border using the same fabric I intend to use for the binding. I thought it would be neat to miter the borders 'cause the fabric is striped but I don't know how to do that! So I decided to wing it. It worked really well, only I could have saved myself the trouble because with the borders being so thin it really doesn't have that cool mitered effect. Oh well, I love it anyway! It measures 46.5"x57". I am going to piece the backing too since I don't have anything big enough to use. I have an idea for it already but this will have to wait at least until tomorrow.

Yesterday morning my first thought upon waking was that one of total serendipity! I chose the log cabin pattern and the colors/fabrics before I talked to my friend, who called during her honeymoon. She said they were honeymooning in North Carolina, tucked back in the Smoky's in a log cabin! I realized yesterday that the quilt is the colors we have here in the woods of the Smoky mountains and that the log cabin block went right along with her honeymoon so now I have a name for her quilt: Smoky Mountain Honeymoon.


  1. The top turned out very lovely and the name is great. Keep up the beautiful work.

  2. Beautiful, awsome, can't think of enough good words but you amaze me at your beautiful work!!! She will adore it for years to come. And feel the love that went into it! Marion

  3. It's lovely and what a great name for the quilt.

    You are making a label for it with names, date, etc., right?