Saturday, June 13, 2009

World Wide Knit in Public Day!

Today was WWKIPD... they even had a website Mom put up fliers all over Clinton (where I live) last Wed so today they showed up at my house--by "they" I mean Mom and all the kids-- at 10 til 10am to go downtown and sit and knit. In public. We had 1 woman and her granddaughter stop. The woman said her granddaughter knits and likes to, but didn't know we were doing this so away they went to browse antiques. We had 5 or so old men stop and sit in the gazebo with us, probably killing time while their wives browsed antiques. So not a huge social success but we got some knitting done. Mom worked on some knitting bombs, which will porbably show up on her blog, Veronica worked on a scarf, Josiah started to knit something then decided to goof off (8yr old boy) and I began working on the second pair of socks I had planned from the Wabi Sabi yarn Mom stuck in my stocking back at Christmas.

I decided to do with abhorant crochet chain cast on toe-up nonesense that let me short row the toe like a heel. I have a limited amount of the Wabi-sabi and am using a solid for the toes and heels so I needed to knit the socks from the toe up. That way once I do the heel I can just knit til I run out of yarn!

Sometimes the Lord knows you will have a need and provides for it before it arises. Then when suddenly you have the answer you need, you are very pleasantly surprised! I have been stewing about what to back my friend's log cabin quilt with. I cannot afford to go buy any backing fabric and the largest piece of fabric I have that would work is a yard. Not big enough by far! I figured I would have to piece backing from random pieces giving it a sort of patchworky look.

This afternoon I sat down cut all the rest of the strips I used for the log cabin blocks in to approx. 7" long pieces. Then I randomly sewed them all together. Ironed the long strip to find that it was long enough, even with about 8" extra! Suddenly I remembered months ago Mom gave me saome chicken fabric she came across in a bin and didn't know what to do with. I think it's a whole bolt, without the carboard! I cut the length I needed, sliced a 12" strip off it length wise and sewed my strip set in place! I now have the perfect, one of a kind backing for my quilt! And Jesus provided the fabric months ago, before I ever knew what to do with it!! Awesome!


  1. Isn't that the way He is?

    And I love that Hannah is very importantly "helping" with the quilt backing!

  2. Happy accident, reversible quilt, all of the above. Fun!

  3. Great post. You all have another chance to KIP next week as well..