Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good News and Bad News

First the bad news because it really isn't all that bad and if we get it out of the way things will be much more pleasant. Maybe.

Tony called me last night at 6:30 and said he was on the way to the ER cause he had been cut at work and needed stitches. At 8:30 he called and said they were finally about to stitch him up. Freaking Oak Ridge hospital. He cut his elbow on a piece of metal or something at work and have himself a gash that was 1" long by 3/8" deep and needed 5 HUGE stitches. He says "Probably they could have put 7 or maybe 25 stitches." LoL!

My darling husband came home last night finally at quarter to 1--he had to work 2 hrs over because he missed half the day at the ER--looking like this. He is usually this dirty but not usually this bloody. A lot of blood considering he has the thickest blood ever and hardly ever bleeds cause he clots so easily. Apparently it's a good thing, I dunno. Doctors seem to think it is. His arm is really hurting him though. He took a vacation day today because it was hurting him too badly to move today and he wouldn't have been able to move the big pieces of steel at work.

The good news!
He said it wouldn't hurt his arm to drive around in the car and look at houses and since he suddenly had the day off we might as well. We had a list of a few we wanted to go see but he got on the computer anyway and found another which we will refer to as house #1.

We started today with 5 houses to go see. Our realtor made us an apt to go see house #1 (at 2:30pm) while she looked up the other 4. Loved house #1!! Realtor called and said houses #2 sold/had contracts pending and #3 ended up being a trailer in a not-so-nice area. Gave us directions and we went and saw #4. NOT good! Didn't like the house, hated the yard, hated the creek, septic, blah blah. Just bad house.

Mom and Dad drove into town to hang out for the night so we had realtor show us #1 again. M & D had same opinions/thoughts we had, would make same changes, etc. Long story short we called our realtor at 9:00pm and told her to write up an offer/contract!! Meeting tomorrow to sign, etc.This is our first time buying a home and we are really excited/scared. Trying not to get hopes too high, they showed this house 10 other times in the last 5 days and it is super cute and an awesome deal. BUT sitting here talking and thinking about what we could/would do, it's hard not to get excited!!


  1. Ooooh, excited for you. On the house that is, not so much on hubby slicing his arm.

  2. the House is Awesome/Wonderful/Beautiful!
    Love the fireplace, and built in Book shelves!


  3. I am so excited about you getting a house. That is so fun to get your first house. You must post pictures.

    How is the hubby??? Bless his heart.