Sunday, November 2, 2008

Christmas, here I come!

I am aggressively attacking Christmas. Or rather, gifts we need to give people. I tried to start Christmas shopping in July and Tony wouldn't let me. So today when I told him we're about half done and he said, "Thank GOD otherwise, we'd probably be out of luck" I got to say, "This is why I tried to start in July" and I stuck out my tongue. Mature, right? I knew you'd think so.

I started and finished a scarf for my niece Maisie. I have some of the yarn left, enough to make a hat out of but I need Mom to make me a set of her "obscene" needles that she sells on Etsy. In other words, I need about a size 13-15 double-pointed needles to do the hat. Oh well, that can wait a couple days.

I've also been working on a second hat for my niece Aubree. My sister in law asked me to knit her one because she has a pretty big head and she's been having to wear her daddy's hat. I figured I'd knit a couple, because they are quick and kids always manage to lose one. I finished one on Wed night that is just plain, white with little spots of pink and blue in it. I'm working on another tonight that (I HOPE!!!) will look like a cupcake when I'm done! I don't have a pattern for this, I'm kind of just making it up as I go along. I'm getting to use a circular needle instead of regular DPNs, which is new to me. I've never used one before and it is a little awkward. Don't know what I'll do when I start decreasing, might have to put it back on my DPNs.

Tony was off this weekend, which was wonderful. I'm a little under the weather and very tired, so it has been nice to lay around in the evenings and let him play with the kids.

I would try to post a picture of Maisie's scarf, but my camera batteries died and I don't have any more AA batteries. Might have to wait until Friday. Guess I should get back to knitting, I'm on a roll now and I'm loathe to stop, LOL!

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