Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another quilty day

So here we are at Mom's again. Jeremiah has been trying miserably not to get any more bumps and bruises, though he is unsucessful as he now has a knot on his forehead. (sigh) Tony is bundled up in Ralphie's Big Fat Camo Snowsuit and has been for hours while he's crawled around under the house with Dad, running plumbing lines to the new water heater. We did find out his snow-suit isn't waterproof when Artemas flushed the toilet. The things you learn, huh?
Hannah has been good and so far has survived being passed and forth without Betsy hurting her. A major feat indeed. I sold 2 bags this afternoon for which I am so thankful and excited, now to do some more Christmas shopping!!

I have managed to get quite a bit of progress done on the jewel box quilt I started yesterday while my hands have been realitively Hannah-free. I got all of the rest of the HSTs and 4patches made, ironed and squared to 4.5". Then I pieced a 4-patch and HST together to make half blocks until I ran out of components. 96 of them (I will end up with 48 blocks). I've managed to only run out of bobbin thread once. The sewing machine gods must be busy screwing with other people today. Shh...don't draw their attention.

Mom is digging through piles of yarn, sweaters, felted bits as I type, looking for my wonderful, beautiful handspun yarn. We laid it on her kitchen table on Tuesday to show my Grandmom and no one has seen it since. I hope Grandmom didn't take it back to New Jersey with her!! If we find it I can spend the rest of my time here sitting around knitting it with a black eye-lash yarn, some yarn I made from cut up fabric and some fun fur yarn. It's going to be killer. I can't wait to start!

I am going to go sit around watching Jeff Dunham on comedy central while helping control the masses. 12 people in the house with the water turned off. No bathrooms. Well, bathrooms but no water to flush the toilets. We've already used up our "one flush" you get after you turn the water off--that's how we found out Tony's snow suit wasn't waterproof. Oops.


  1. Oh, we did the plumming thing last weekend. We had to route the shower under the house to drain it through pipes to the yard because it was overflowing our septic system. Of course then we got hit with major rain, which still overflowed the septic because we have no gutters, so still need work..and it still has yet to dry out because we have had no sun. It has been very cold. Of course I think your weather has too. I will pray you find the yarn. I think it is neat that you can make yarn from fabric. Too cool!

  2. I have to laugh as I sit here thinking of how your day has gone. And how amazing you have gotten any sewing done with all that going on. Still amazing your mom's hair is not all gray or white or she has any! On Mothers day I hope you all treat her like a queen as she deserves it!!! And yes your a good mommy too!!! And very talented too. Thanks for shareing and letting me laugh!!! God Bless you all and I can't wait to see that beautiful quilt!!! Huggs Marion